The Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial

Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial
Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial

We all know that the Yoast SEO Plugin is not only one of the best SEO Plugin is the best SEO plugin. In this article, We’re going to Explain how to use the Yoast SEO plugin. Let’s start The Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial.

Here We’re going to analysing how to use the Yost’s SEO plugin.

We expected that you already have some basic fundamental knowledge of wordpress. So when we start talking about things like the Google search Consolo, keywords like those you should be familiar with such terms.

And if you have any questions along the way always feel free to comment that problems.

Thank you so much. And let’s get started.

WordPress SEO – The Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial

In this article I am going to show you how to install the Yoest as the plugin so let’s jump over to the back end.

Installation of Yoast

  1. Go to plugins and add new.
  2. Install Yost’s plugin just like any other plugin.
  3. Let’s click Install now.
  4. Let’s activate the plugin.

So you might get this message saying it says Good job we could detect no serious se problems.

Hopefully you’ll also have the exact same message if you do not have problems.

Basic Configuration – Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial

Click on the Yoast SEO configuration.

So click on the configuration wizard.

Click on the very first option to configure Yoast.


  • Choose as per your site is it live or under construction. Now some people might argue that you can install Yoast at any time. It doesn’t matter.Environment Yoast SEONow personally I like to install Yoast on a site that’s live and run in. The reason is because Yoast as a plugin it needs data to work with.
    It needs to have a site that’s already built in order for it to be effective.
  • Go ahead now and click on Option A: My site is live and ready to be indexed.
  • Let’s go ahead and click next.

Site Type

  • Next, it will ask what kind of sites is yours.
  • Is it a blog. So I will Choose Blog.
  • Click next.Sitetype Yoast SEO

Organisation or Person

  • Next, it will ask it is Person or Company.
  • I will choose a Person. (If you choose a company it will ask for your company name and a logo at least 200×200 pixels )
  • Now it will ask for a name for the person. Put your name.Organization or person Yoast SEO
  • If you chiose organization Now if you have social profiles for your business or your Website this is where you’d like to paste all the URLs one by one. If you don’t have any By the way you don’t have to do so right now you can do it later.
  • Click next.

Search engine visibility.

Now, this is going to be a very important part of the setup the search engine visibility.

Now depending on the complexity of your site, you may have other options available.

You definitely want search engines to show your posts in search results.

  • In this section “Search Engines should show posts in search results”. Choose “Yes“.
  • Some people refer to show pages in search results some does not. If your site only contains typical pages like “contact us”, “about us” Then it is better to go with “No” for pages option.
  • I’m just going with No. But again this is completely up to you.
  • Click next.Organization or person Yoast SEO

Multiple Authors

Now multiple authors so mine is just a single author.

If you have multiple authors on your site and you only choose yes I’m going to go ahead and stick with no.Multiple authors Yoast SEO

And click Next.

Title settings

Now here you can change your site name here but In this case, I am going to Leave it as it is.Title settings Yoast SEO

In Titel separator am going with » because it is looking great.

click next.


Now you can set up for the newsletter if you want to receive updates and news and how to walk with all your so you can add your name and email and sign up for the newsletter.

I am not going in.

Click next.

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And we’ve come to the very end where you can upgrade to the premium version of the Yoast plugin if you want. Also, they provide some Video training you can go with them.

Click next.


And you’ve done it congratulations you’ve installed us successfully on your Web site.

Click Close.

Configuration Yoast SEO – Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial

Well done now we are completed Yoast auto setup. Now we are going to do the manual settings.

Yoast SEO – General settings

Here we are going to configure Yoast SEO Plugin General settings.General settings Yoast SEO

Now go to Yoast >> General >> Features

Here you have to set up your all Important things. lest started…

  • SEO analysis keeps it Stay on Because it is the most important feature of this app it will analyse your pst SEO so keep it on.SEO Analysis - Yoast SEO
  • Readability analysis I am going to toggle it off.But you can keep it on. I am keeping it off because it interferes on my natural writing skills.Redability analysis - Yoast SEO
  • Cornerstone content keeps it on this option is used for those posts you want to rank higher than other posts of your site. Like you wrote many posts about something but want to rank post: A in the first position among all the post of your same site it will help you to do this.Cornerstone content - Yoast SEO
  • Text link counter I will turn this off because It tells you that you are using Internal and external link on your posts or not. It sometimes makes me irritating in some post there is no place to past to put an external link but it still showing amber light.Cornerstone content - Yoast SEO
  • XML sitemaps it is another most important feature of Yoast plugin it helps to create a sitemap for search engine. Keep it on.XML sitemap- Yoast SEO
  • Ryte integration It is also another, not important feature it only checks that your post is indexing on search engines or not. If you’re following this article properly then your posts are definitely going to index on search engines so I am going to turn it off. But once again it is your own choice.XML sitemap- Yoast SEO
  • Admin bar menu It creates a shortcut in the top menu of the WordPress dashboard. I will leave it on.Admin bar menu - Yoast SEO
  • Security: no advanced settings for authors It is only for those sites who are using multiple authors. If you want to give permission of using Yoast plugin to your authors then you can keep it on or to not give any permissions then make it off. In my site, I am not using multiple authors so I will keep it off.Security no advance menu - Yoast SEO

At last, if you notice all the option will look like on off. Because I like to use these settings.

Search Appearance – Yoast SEO


  • Force rewrite titles leave it as it is.
  • Title Separator chooses any one title separator. I am using »Title separator - Yoast SEO
  • Knowledge Graph & in this section choose the site represents an organization or a person.

Content Types

Settings for single Post URLs
  • Show Posts in search results? – Yes -It makes your pages visible to the search engine.Show post in search result - Yoast SEO
  • Date in Snippet Preview – Show – It helps your users to ensure that this post when created so visitors can easily choose the recent post.Show post in search result - Yoast SEOGoogle snipt Date preview - Yoast SEO
  • Yoast SEO Meta Box – ShowYoast SEO meta box - Yoast SEO
  • Meta description – pest %%excerpt%% in this box- If anyway you forget to put meta descriptions it will automatically generate from the first paragraph.Post meta description - Yoast SE
Settings for single Page URLs
  • Show Pages in search results? I will keep it Nobecause I don’t want to show my pages to show in search results because I am using only typical pages like Contact us, Privacy policy etc typical pages. If you are using some special pages and want to show them in search results then keep it on. It is
    completely up to you.Show pages - Yoast SE
  • Date in Snippet Preview – Hide
  • Click on save change


Media & attachment URLs
  • Keep it on.


  • Categories – yesShow categories serch result - Yoast SEO
  • SEO title – term title  Separator  Site titlecategories title - Yoast SEO
  • Meta description – Paste %%category_description%% in this meta descriptions box. Make sure every category contains a Description.Categories description - Yoast SEO
  • Yoast SEO Meta Box – Show
  • Tags – No  Because I don’t want to show my tags in search results.
  • Yoast SEO Meta Box – Hide
  • Formats –
  • Format-based archives – Disabled
  • Category URLs – Remove


All Archives should be disabled because it works as a duplicate content. But we don’t need any duplicate content.

  • Author archives settings – Disabled
  • Date archives settings – Disabled


  • Enable Breadcrumbs because it will helps your site to well navigate.


Connect your site with Serch Console.

However, if you have no idea how to connect your site to the Google search console I am here for you.

So what you want to do here is this.

  • Open a new tab go to and search for search console. or visit serch console Start Now
  • Click on Start now.
  • Remember that you have to be signed in to your Google account.
  • Now we have to add a property. There are now two options to add your property. Don worry it is very easy.Select property type
  • In the first option for those people who want to verify their website with the domain, it needs to verify with DNS. (You cant verify subdomain with this system) To know more about domain and subdomain view this article.
  • We are going to choose the second option. Where we can easily Verify domain or subdomain easily.
  • So at first copy and pest, your website URL and press continue.
  • Now verify ownership box will appear. Wher the first method will be HTML file. But we are giving to verify with HTML tag so scroll down to the HTML tag.Veryfy ownership google search console
  • Click on HTML tag toggle option and copy the code between Quotes section.Google serch console html code
  • Now go to your WordPress dashboard  >>  SEO >>  General  >>  Webmasters Tool now past that code in the Google verification boxSave change.Veryfy Serch Console - Yoast SEO
  • Go back to Webmaster tab and below your HTML tag code, you can find a verification button click it to verify.Serch console verify
  • If done all the steps correctly then it will show you “Ownership verified”.Serch console verified

Serch Console

It helps you to monitor all HTTP Error like 403, 404. By the way, It seems to be currently not workinghope it will soon start working.Google discontinued crowl api

There was another way to do this you have jus install a separate plugin name Redirection.

Install this by following plugins >> add new >> and type Redirection in the search box and install and activate it.Install Redirection plugin

Whenever someone clicks on a broken link it will record that info. So it will help you to monitor all broken links. Broken links are not good for your SEO.

When you find any broken link you can redirect it to your another post or page.

Let’s see how to configure Redirection

  • After Activation, it will take you to the plugin page where you can find a notification where click on Redirection setup.
  • Welcome to the registration page will appear where click on Start setup.
  • Tick on checkbox Monitor permalink changes in WordPress posts and pages. If you change the permalink in a post or page then Redirection can automatically create a redirect for you.
  • Also, Tick on Keep a log of all redirects and 404 errors.
  • Now click on Continue Setup and >> finish setup. It will start working when someone clicks on a broken link.

How to add a Redirection?

To find and fix Error – Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial.

  • Tools >> Redirections >> 404s Here you can find all error lists.404s error list
  • To fix those errors on hover your mouse pointer over any error list you want to fix and click on add redirect.
  • New add redirect popup box appears where you can find Source URL that is the broken URL.Add Redirection
  • To fix it Copy your another post where you want to redirect your visitors when they are trying to click on that broken link and pest it in the Target URL box.
  • Now click on add Redirection button and check it manually is it working or not.

Social – Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial

let’s see what to do in social settings.

In account section pest your all social account links one by one and save the change.

Next, in the Facebook section make your Add Open Graph metadata enabled. and pest your Facebook app id (App id from

In Facebook Section Default settings you can put a default image if you forget or any of your posts doesn’t contain an image it will appear whenever anyone shares your post to Facebook.

In Twitter panel make it enabled and Choose your post format style when someone shares your post on twitter. Summary for only some text from your post and If you choose Summary with Large image it will show a large image from your post and also put some text from your post I will prefer to keep it.

In the Pinterest section, you have to Confirm your site with Pinterest If you are having some trouble to do this they have a tutorial link there.

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Tools – Yoast SEO Plugin Tutorial

Import and export.

This option is for those people who configure many sites for them and their clints just copy the settings texs from one site export box and pest it in the other sites import box.

File Editor

This option help you to edit the main two files robots.txt and .htaccess file without visiting C-Panel.

Bulk editor

This option helps you to Bulk edit Titel and Description of your post together.


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