Why WordPress is better than Blogger


Why WordPress is better than Blogger: There is no doubt that Blogspot is the best platform for the new Blogger, but if you are serious about blogging and want to change your blog to a business then I would advise you to go from bloggers to WordPress.
There are Few Things I hate about Blogspot or Blogger or WordPress that has all been true.
Here are some things that why I do not like Blogspot.

  • Poor SEO – Weak Search Engine Optimization
  • Less Control Over Blog – Lower Control on Blog
  • Comment Area Sucks! – Comment area not good.
  • Unprofessional Look – Professional Look
  • Less Range Of Templates And Widgets – Low Range Of Templates And Widgets
  • Poor Customer Service – Not Good of Customer Service.

And many other reasons like this.

WordPress vs Blogger:

Friends What are good and popular, and what are not, the easiest way to know this is to know the number of users. Well, Blogspot Blogging Plateform also has a lot of users, but still it is much less than the number of WordPress’s 62,353,633 users.

So friends alone is enough to tell that the platform is popular. But Friends, now we are taking this discussion to the Deeper Level and have exactly told you why you should go from Blogger to WordPress. So Friends Let’s Read About 8 Reasons to Move From Blogger to WordPress.

Friends It’s hard to choose a good platform for new bloggers. There are many experienced bloggers who advise us to use WordPress. Because it comes with many features. WordPress is a very powerful Bloggin Platform.

Here are some reasons why WordPress is the Best. And why should you go from Blogger to WordPress today?

Why WordPress is better than Blogger ?

 1. Better Design Options: Nice options for Designs

Friends, if we talk about Design, Blogger is far behind, and in this way, like WordPress Flexiblity, Blogger does not get the opportunity to easily design your website accordingly.
So WordPress is more popular with Blogger. The reason for this is that many designers are working to design the WordPress website, and for that reason there are millions of themes available for WordPress, from which you can make your blog beautiful and awesome by choosing the theme of your choice.

In WordPress you can find many Perfect Professional WordPress Themes.

2. Better SEO – Improved Search Engine Optimization

Friends Blogger uses a page filled with long HTML for SEO, which is its biggest drawback and due to this it is less SEO Friendly.

If we talk about WordPress then it is best for SEO, and here there are no arguments, no douboubts and competitors. In fact, if you want to s in search engines and want to get lots of traffic through it, then you can not have anything better than WordPress.

The most promising reason is that you should go from Blogger to WordPress, SEOPressor is currently the best SEO plugin for WordPress, through which you can easily come to Google’s first page.

3. Easy to Manage: Easy to Manage

Friends WordPress can be managed very easily, where you can do anything in just a few moments and can see the result, which is a lot better than Blogger.

WordPress allows you to manage many websites from your Dashboard, which is not anywhere in Blogger.

 4. Full Control

Friends If you have Self Hosted WordPress Blog, then you can fully control your WordPress Blog. And there is no reason in this world that a hosting company will delete your blog by breaking Rules. Also, if we talk about Self Hosted WordPress Blog, then you get full control over your blog which has no limit.

So Friends This is a main reason: I suggest that every blogger should go to Blogger from WordPress as soon as possible.

 5. Fast Loading: Fast Loading

As I said earlier, Blogger uses just a long HTML Page to do everything. Because of this, SEO is not only weak but it also decrese Loading Time, due to which your Blogspot Blog opens slowly, whereas if we talk about WordPress, a WordPress Blog is loaded faster due to which your Website / Blog is open fast, if you want to increase the speed of your WordPress Blog / Website, here are some plugins given.
8 Reasons Why You Should Move From Blogger to WordPress or Blogger or WordPress 7


 6 Easy To Sell: Easy To Sell

Friends Everyone who has a Blogging Passion will never want to sell their blog, but sometimes such conditions come when you need to sell your blog.

At such times, you have trouble selling your Hosted Blog on Blogger and finding a person who can purchase your Blogspot Blog, which has many reasons like Free Hosting and Limited Options.

If we talk about WordPress, then this is the best thing in the world, because if you want to sell WordPress Blog, you can only sell it in just a few minutes. And immediately take money and use these money anywhere.

 7 Plugins for Doing Anything and Everything: Plugins – Anything to Do

Do you want to change your logo in Blogger? Or do you want to change your post title? Or want to do something else. If yes, then get ready to convert HTML into code. What, you do not have Coding knowledge? .. No problem.
Are you able to do all these things in WordPress very easily? After you go into Blogger from WordPress, you can use Plenty Summary Plugins so that you can easily manage your WordPress Blog. As stated in Heading. You can do anything easily anywhere by installing Plugin. You do not even need to know any kind of Coding and Language.

8 AdSance security

There are nothing in blogger to secure your adsance account from invalid clicking. Today’s time if your adsance directly deactivate your account permanenty if you get any these type of activity.

In WordPress there are several plugins available to secure your adsance account from invalid activity.

So Friends If you want to go to Blogger from WordPress and want to set up your WordPress Blog Free Setup and want to know more about this service. Then email us at [email protected]. I will reply you within 24 hours.
Friends If I have forgotten something in this post and if you want to tell it to me, then definitely please comment. And definitely share it with your friends.
So Friends, This post should tell you through the type of comment you have. And definitely share with your friends, Blogger or WordPress is better.


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