What is WordPress ?

What is WordPress ?

What is WordPress ? If you know about a website or blog or if you have basic knowledge about it, then you must have heard this name WordPress and blogger.

What is WordPress ?

Just like all the people who use the internet in mobile, know about Facebook, in the same way, almost all users who have knowledge about the website also know about WordPress and they never know by name or by another name. They are only. So let’s know what is WordPress and why it is so much more popular and it’s used?

WordPress is a very powerful open source CMS ie content management system software licensed under GPLv2. It was made by Matt Mullenweg .and it was launched as open source for all the people in Free on 27 May 2003. It is written in PHP. There are much more open source free CMS like WordPress: Joomla, Drupal, Jekyll, Tumblr. But most of all, the most popular and the most widely used CMS WordPress.

WordPress introduction

People make websites or blogs using CMS. If we talk about something a few years ago, then we did not have such content management systems, such as cms. If we needed to create a website or blog

, then we had to create a website on its own by creating the first content management system. It took a lot of time. But today it is not so that you now get a lot of free content management system on the internet, which can be used to prepare your website or blog very quickly.

By using these CMS you can make any kind of website or blog very fast. That’s the reason most people use it because it has a lot of features and its interface is user-friendly, along with updates also come very soon and many developers also work on it. Today WordPress is the world’s number one CMS (content management system) Blogging platform. You need a PHP server to use WordPress because WordPress is made up of php. You can also create a WordPress site by customizing it according to your needs. WordPress is being used in approximately 74.6 Billion websites. It has approximately 36,000 + plugins and 1000+ themes. Many bloggers also use WordPress to create a blog. WordPress is the best option for creating blogs.



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