What is WordPress Tag and how to use it properly

What is WordPress Tag and how to use it properly

WordPress tag is an inbuilt tool available in WordPress. It is a simple tool to categorize our articles. WordPress tag can be used in every post. We can use one or more tags in a single post it completely depends on our choice. If you want you can write your article without any WordPress tag.

Difference between tags and Categories

In technical terms both tags and Categories are similar. Both of them are used to group articles together. But there is little difference between them.

Every post should be written under a category or subcategory. But it is not necessary to use tags it is completely optional.

When we go with categorizing they come with main categories, sub-categories or child categories and sometimes under subcategories anther subcategories. But when we are going with tags there are no subtags or child tags. Each tag is 100% stand alone.

Categories and sub-categories mainly come with brode topic but tags are cames with more specific and unique to actual content.

Like you write a veg fruitcake recipe. There is some example of tags and categories.

Category: Cake

Subcategory: fruit cake

Tag: fruit cake, vague cake, healthy cake, cake, easy to bake etc.

Why we should use WordPress Tags?

WordPress tags are generally a very helpful tool for your readers. Using WordPress tags you can easily group up all related post. By clicking on those your readers can easily get the similar post of your site.

Like you are working on a new article about veg fruits cake recipe then you can put tags like veg cake, fruit cake, cake, healthy cake, easy to bake etc. If you wrote more recipes on these topics then your readers can click on this tag and can read more related recipes from your site.

Are WordPress tags are necessary?

Of course not I previously said this it absolutely depends on you. You can put them or can leave it blank but it helps both you and your user both it completely depends on you.


Is WordPress tags help in SEO?

Yes, it helps. Think yourself because it helps your user to find more similar posts and they can engage more on your website and spend more time to read your posts then it is definitely helpful to your ranking.Wordpress-tag-option

How to put tags in our post?

It is very easy to put tags. In the right side of your content writing area, you can find the tag section and you can find it the same way in new Guttenberg update in this new version you can find it on tags dropdown section. Click on drop-down option then you can find text box on tag option. Add your tag and press enter.

WordPress tag
WordPress tag
Guttenburg WordPress Tag
Guttenburg WordPress Tag

To put a new tag you can type the tag text and press add. If you want to add more than one tags you can write them together and simply divide them using commas and then press add. Example if you are writing a post about veg fruitcake you can add tags like fruitcake, veg fruit cake, vag cake, cake and then press add button.

If you want to add old tags that you previously used on another post then you can choose the option choose from the most used tags or you can write it in similar way.

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How to edit or find previously used Tags

You can find Tag under posts section where you can edit or great new tags.

Wordpress tag editor
WordPress tag editor


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