What is web hosting ? Web Hosting complete information.

What is web hosting ?

Just like you need a shop location in order to keep your products, your business website also needs web hosting service to be displayed online.

Directly and conveniently – “web hosting provides a location to store your website files that accessible to all people”.

How does web hosting works ?

The hosting service stores your website files on their web servers (high level computers). Whenever someone writes the web address or URL in his browser to access any website, then this web server receives a command and send a copy of your website files by accepting the customer’s request, resulting Your website opens in the customer’s computer.

Web Hosting Operating System

Types of Web Hosting
Different types of hosting services are available in the web hosting industry.They are :

1. Shared Server Hosting
2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
3. Dedicated Server Hosting

What type of hosting should you take depends on the needs of your website, because the needs of every business / website are different, keeping in mind it is very important to choose the correct hosting for your website. If you new in this field you can contact an expert, developer or your service provider.

Let know about the different types of hosting in detail-

1. Shared Server Hosting

This hosting is like living in a hostel. Just as in the hostel you share your living space with other room mate, in sme way many websites  are hosted on a physical server under this hosting type. Shared server offers all these websites the sme ability to use resources such as web space and CPU, RAM, Thats why those type of hosting are cheaper than other hosting services.

So if you have a limited budget start-up and you feel that your website traffic is also limited, then Shared Hosting is a great option for you.

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting

This hosting is like a living room, where you share your main gate with everyone, but you also get your privacy by having another door at your room.


VPS uses virtualization technology, in which a physical server is virtually divided into different servers, as a result of which, on the same server, the rest of the websites can not access the web space and resources of your part. Due to this, this hosting gives you benefits like privacy and security.

So if you want to take advantage of the features of the dedicated server at a lower cost then choose VPS hosting. ?

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

This hosting is like a living in a bungalow, where you have complete control but also you have to bear all the expenses of maintenance.

Dedicated server hosting gives you complete control over your server, where you get the root access for management.

Another special thing is that, in this hosting, your server and resource usage is restricted to others, Only you can use those, that’s why the level of security is the highest in dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is considered the ideal hosting solution for e-commerce, confidential and sensitive issues, large database and high traffic sites due to its high performance, security and control benefits.

So identify the needs of your business, determine and accordingly choose the right web hosting.

Where we should take our web hosting?

Choosing the best web hosting company in the crowd of web hosting providers in the IT industry is a bit difficult, but if you choose by keeping some factors in mind, your election process will be simplified.

It is important to know the following facts before taking a web hosting –

The prices of web hosting packages, free value added services (which come with the package), what the provider gives, how much is the provider’s support medium, how the company reviews, etc.

If you have any doubts about this article or have any suggestions to make it better, then don’t hesitate please tell us.



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