What is SEO | SEO Detailed information

What is SEO | SEO Detailed information

Hi Friends Welcome to our blog, I will give complete information about SEO today. If you are a new blogger, then you must read this post. To become a successful blogger, you have to keep many things in mind , and most of the main Important thing is SEO, If You you want to be a professional blogger and want to earn from your blog then you have to learn everything about SEO.

I have seen many bloggers blogging for a few days, after that their blogging ends. After all, The main reason is they do not have much knowledge about seo, and their blogs do not have views. When you take full knowledge about seo, you will be able to create a successful blog.

What is SEO ?

  1. The full from of SEO is search engine optimization.Means search engine like Google,Bing crowl(bot that visit aur blog to take its details to index in thir serch engine) awar blog, force them to show our website or blog in the first position of serch result. Before starting blog we should Started SEO. Using SEO we can rank aur website or blog in the first position of serch then wee ill get a better Google page rank.

How many types of SEO are ?

SEO are two types. It is very important to understand both of these, to become a successful blogger.

Black Hate S.E.O : Black hate seo use means westing of aur time.Because we dont gate any positive result from it.If you use those type of seo your site will dawnd from the serch engines serch result .Then aur visiter will decrease and we never can be a successful blogger.

Black Hate S.E.O example :

  1. Buying backlinks for our blog from another website..
  2. Make backlinks for our blog by using any software.
  3. Using lots of keywords on your blog.
  4. Give different information in title and meta tags and post another content inside the post.
  5. Hiding any links and giving different information on it.

White Hate S.E.O : We use White hate seo by obeying the Google’s laws. We all know that if there is more traffic in your blog, then we will soon become a successful blogger. And this traffic we can get by using white hate SEO .white hate seo can be used to reak our blog page very soon in Google.

White Hate SEO 2 are two types

1.On Page

2.Off Page

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On Page S.E.O : On page we work inside our blog, I have given all the points about it.

  1. meta tag,title optimization.
  2. Content,image optimization.
  3. Heading H1,H2 optimization.
  4. Html and CCS optimization.
  5. Keywords density.
  6. Internal links optimization.
  7. Page loading time.
  8. keywords in title.

Off Page S.E.O : In Off page seo, we work outside the blog. On Off page we work to bring traffic and rank in the Google.

  1. Directory submission
  2. article submission
  3. links building
  4. Social bookmarking
  5. blog commenting
  6. Guest posting
  7. Video submission
  8. forum submission

So friends, I have told you all the information about seo in very short post. I hope that you have got complete information about seo. You can comment in the comment box below for any information. Thanks for visiting…



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