What is on page SEO ?

What is on page SEO ?

What is on page SEO: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is required to rank the website or blog in Google Search Engine. What is SEO ? You probably know this thing. If you do not know then you can read the previous post of our SEO. There are two types of SEO. (1) On Page SEO and (2) Off Page SEO 

Today we will talk about On Page SEO. What is On Page SEO? How to do On Page SEO ? And How to Improve Your Website or Blog for On Page SEO? Through this Blog post, we will understand the on page SEO in detail. So let’s start.

What is On Page SEO?

Whatever content you put on your website or blog and optimize it for ranking, it is called On Page SEO. Anything content you put on your website, you should navigate it well. Do not let the visitor confused. In this situation, your Bounce Rate will increase. As much as you optimize content, any visitor will be able to stick to your website. According to a research On Page SEO improves your ranking, so does Off Page SEO. Because whatever visitors visit your website, if they do not like your content, they will leave. And one thing to say is that the most important thing is your “content”. Because “Content Is The King”. First of all, your content should be good. If your content is impressive, then your Bounce Rate will decrease. And your blog will be even ranked. So you have to Focus on content, not much on SEO.

Focous on Content.

According to Google’s Ranking Factors, there are many such Ranking Factors, which depends on the On Page SEO. Content should be written in a way so the visitor comes in, and he/she should not leave. If anyone shares your content on social platform, then your ranking will also improve. So make your content shareable so all people can easily Shear your content. Between their friends and family. Think if you like a joke and if it is shareable with your family and frainds What you will do? That’s why create a content that visitors can share with their contacts. Most people seem to be making backlinks. It is in their mind that, their ranking will be only from backlinks. But that does not happen. More Focus in SEO You have to give On Page SEO. Let’s now learn how to do On Page SEO.


To On Page SEO, there are many Google’s Ranking Factors, whose research will require you to optimize Content Page. Whatever is in this way.

On page SEO heading & subheading
On page SEO heading & subheading

On Page SEO: Headings and Sub Heading (H1, H2, H3, H4)

Whatever you are writing, it is important to give Headings and Sub Headings. It is important to navigate content. First of all, put them in H1 Headings. Meaning about what your content is about. And if you want to rank your content on any Keyword, keep that Keyword in H1 Headings. Who have Long Tail keywords, keep them in Sub Headings. Keep the rest of the information in the paragraph. One thing is to keep in mind that Sub Headings should come within Headings. By giving Headings and Sub Headings, Google Crawler realizes that, what you have created on your Content

Keywords should be kept in Headings or Sub Headings, because Crawler gives Headings and Sub Headings more importance. Below the Headings and Sub Headings, there must be sure quantity of text also Whatever you give headings. Whether it is H1 or H2 or H3 and H4, all heading should have text content according to that heading. Give paragraph between content in between If possible, do not mistreat the Grammar. Grammar’s Mistakes will not do too much.

On page SEO keywords
On page SEO keywords

On Page SEO: Keywords

There is a lot of keywords in the On Page SEO. If you do not know what Keyword is, then you read our blog post about keywords, you can read them. Whatever the subject of your content, you have to keep them in your content. In the same way, you can put keywords in Headings or Sub Headings as mentioned above. Between the paragraph can also place the keyword in the middle. You do not have to teach how to place keywords. Because it will teach itself Whenever you write Blog, you already have to put Focus Keyword in the paragraph.

Before writing any blog, you have to do Keyword Research. You can also use Google Keyword Planner it is strongly suggested. It is absolutely free, you do not have to pay any price to use it. Whatever keywords you put in your content, if possible, make them bold and underline. So that the payroll of that Reader will be more Focus. If your source of Earnings is Google AdSense, then you should focus to get High CPC Keyword. If possible, keep your keywords inside your content. Doing this will makes your earnings more.

On page SEO Image optimization
On page SEO Image optimization

On Page SEO: Image Optimization

Image Size Compress

Image Optimization is also very important for On Page SEO. Because it directly affects the Impact website’s speed. Whatever image content you put in, the image should be optimized properly. Compress the size of the image as much as possible. If you do not know, then I would say that Matter does a lot for the website’s Speed ​​Ranking. If the website is taking a long time to open, then Google will never rank your website. Image should be compressed because more size image load takes more time. That’s why keep your image size as small as you can. Here the dimensions of Image are not being spoken. Size means compress them in Kb and MB.

Alt Text

Now comes the second number Alt Text. Alt Text means alternative text. It is very important to on page SEO. If you notice you can see some time due to slow internet connection page takes time to lode.If you notice carefully before loading an image a name of that image will appear that’s the work of alt text. Whatever Keyword you Focus, it should pest on Alt Text. On WordPress & Blogger you will find Alt Text’s Option Image Editor. In that Tab of the Alt Text, you must type Focus Keyword. The advantage of this is that, when someone searches through Google Image Search your image will appear, and they can come to your website. Because of this traffic to your website will also increase.


The third number comes in the caption You can also find Tab in Caption in Image Editor. If you have an image of your own website then you can give the name of your website in the Caption Tab. If you are using image from another website, then you have to give the credit to that website. Suppose If you did not give credit to him, that website could claim to Google against you. And Google will remove your website from Search Engine. Because you used Copy Righted Material and you did not even have credit. It must be kept in mind.

On Page SEO Internal linking
On Page SEO Internal linking

On Page SEO: Internal Linking

Internal Linking is also has an important role in On Page SEO. With the help of Internal Linking, you can also get Traffic to another blog. Internal linking usually involves linking to your other blog post. If you have a post that gets Monthly of 100,000 views on your blog, then you should also link it to another blog post related to that post. Due to which you can get more Traffic to your other blog post and Ranking can also be improved.

Types of links

However, whatever link you put in your blog, it is generally done in two types of Do Follow and No Follow. You should have both Do Follow and No Follow in your blog, the ratio of both should be 60-40. If all links do follow, then Google will feel that you are doing spam. And your blog or website will be excluded from Search Engine. Whatever links you put in blog, they are backlink in a way . If you do not know what the backlink is, then you can read our second blog post. Any blog post you put on your website, all those blog posts should be linked to each other. Because of which a Link Juice will Build. And Your Ranking Will Improve.

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Hopefully, you have got a sense of what you have to do on Page SEO, and on how to do SEO on Page SEO. If there is any question then please comment in the Comment Box, we will give you the answer. What is your opinion about this blog post, please tell us in the Comment Box. Your opinion matters a lot for us. If this post is good, do not forget to share it on Social Media. Because knowledge grows only through learning. Thank you.



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