What is Off Page SEO ?

Off Page SEO

What is Off Page SEO : SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is required to rank a Blog or Website in any Search Engine. To know what SEO is, you can read our another post. Usually there are two types of SEO. On Page SEO and Off Page SEO So today we will learn about Off Page SEO in Detail. What is Off Page SEO? And how to do Off Page SEO for your website or blog? Also, whatever conclusions we can take on Off Page SEO, we will try to convince you through this blog post. What if you have On Page SEO? And How to Do On Page SEO?

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What is Off Page SEO ?

How does The On Page SEO works for your website Similar way Off Page SEO dose matters to your website or blog. Via Off Page SEO you will be able to rank quickly in Google Search Engine. With Link Buildup, you will be able to increase Domain Authority and Page Authority. Due to which probability page rank will increases. But Google first gives priority to content. If the content is not good, and no matter what your Domain Authority or Page Authority. Your website will never rank. With the help of Off Page SEO, Indexing will be done very fast in Google Search Engine.Mainly Link Building is called Off Page SEO. Although Link Building is kind of like this. Such as Social Media Sharing, Backlinks, Guest Post, Directory Submission, Site Map Submit, Article Submissions, Commenting etc …. We will explain about all of these in detail.

Link building
Link building

Off Page SEO: Back Linking

Whenever your website or Web page links to any other website or Web Page, it is called Backlink. There are two types of backlinks. Do Follow and No Follow. If you have got the Do Follow Backlink, it will work for SEO and it will increase your page rank. No Follow Backlink is not so effective. To maintain the ratio of Link Building, No Follow Backlink is also required. Therefore, you should also Build No Follow Backlink. One thing to say about how much you have created a link, this thing does not matter to SEO. But whatever Link Build you have, its quality matters. So you have to do Focus on quality.

Social Media Sharing
Social Media Sharing

Off Page SEO: Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing will be very beneficial for bringing more traffic to the blog or website. Because you will get Referral Traffic from there. Whatever content you are putting on your website, you should share them with social media. Also, there should be social media icon on your blog to sher your content on social media. So that if viewers would like your content, they could also share it on social media. Create a Social Media Account with your website name. Then share your blog from the same account. Broaden the Followers to Social Media So if you do any blog post, your followers will be able to know. In this way you can get referral traffic on your website or blog.

One thing to note is that whenever you share on Social Media, do not share it again and again. Then they will think that you are trying to Spaming.

In this case, your account may be blocked. And Google will also know that you have become blocked due to Spam on Social Media. In such a situation, Google will also not give you rank. By sharing on social media, you will also get a backlink from there. Although this will be Backlink No Follow, but it can prove to be a bargain deal for you.

Guest Post
Guest Post

Off Page SEO: Guest Post

Guest Post is a good way to get backlink. In the Guest Post, you will have to write a Free post for others’ website, and that website will give you backlink. There are many bloggers who allow the Guest Post. Do a little research, you will get a list of all those websites. If you have written a Guest Post for any website, and it has given you a backlink in the same post, it will be very beneficial for you.

Because if there is more traffic coming to that website, then there will be a Traffic Transfer on your website through your link. And whenever that website will be a Crawl through Google Crawler. Then along with your website will also be Crawl. In such a situation, your ranking will improve. For any website that has more domain authority and Page Authority, write Guest Post in those site. So that you get a High Quality Backlink.

Web Directory Submission
Web Directory Submission

Off Page SEO: Web Directory Submission

You can also improve your Ranking through Web Directory Submission. In it you only have to submit your website’s link to Directory. From there you can get Backlink. You must submit your website’s link in the same category as your website. There you will find a list of more websites that are similar to your website. Remember that whatever directory you are submitting your website should be Spam Free Directory. Otherwise, you will be excluded from Google Search Engine. Submit the same as the Trusted Web Directory. By submitting to High Directory Authority Directories, you will receive High Quality Backlink.

Site Map Submission
Site Map Submission

Off Page SEO: Site Map Submission

This is most important for Off Page SEO. You must submit your website’s .xml Site Map to Google Search Console, If not, your website will never appear on Google. If your website is on WordPress, then there are lots of plugins that will help you to make a .xml Site Map. If your Blog is hosted on Blogger, then you can creat a site map for your blog.

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Hopefully friends you have received all information about Off Page SEO in detail. If there are any questions then please Comment on us in the Comment Box, we will give you the answer. And what is your opinion about this blog post, tell us also in the comment. Your opinion matters a lot for us. If you like this blog, then share it. So that others could also know about Off Page SEO Because knowledge grows only through shearing. Thanks buddies.


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