What is Backlink and How to Build high Quality Backlinks

What is Backlink ? :: Friends, if you are new on blogging then you may hear about backlink, and you must have to learn about backlink and how it’s works, it is very important thing to your blog. If you want to be sucess in blogging then you should know everything about backlink, then you will be able to become a successful blogger. Many new bloggers Do not have much knowledge about backlink and they create their blogs themselves. After that, they do not get much traffic in their blog.

All new bloggers should pay a lot of attention to SEO and get full information on backlinks, then start the blog. Backlinks is a very important advantage in SEO.

What is Backlink ?

In simple language, backlinks means connecting our website to another website. Connecting with each other when you create a blog post. Backlinks are very important, without any backlinks your blog will never get traffic. If you have a good number of backlinks you are going get good results in the search engine.

Using backlinks we can rank our post faster in Google search results. More backlinks means more higer your page value will be. But the backlinks should be quality Backlinks.

What is Quality Backlinks?

Quality means that the website which we want to create backlinks to our blog, that site is good at Alexa rank and the backlink should be dofllow.When we want to make backlinks from any website You should check that site first if it have a good rank then you should make backlinks from that site. If we create backlinks from any low quality site then there is a loss to our blog. Only creat backlinks from ranking blog/website and the link should be dofollow.

Types of Backlinks.

There are 2 types of backlinks

  • Dofllow backlinks
  • Nofllow backlinks

Dofollow backlinks :

It hep us to increase our trafic and ranking of our website.If we can create some backlink of our post lkie 50 or more then you can see your trafic incrise and your page will rank better on Google serch. You can creat backlinks by guest post, link submission with comments, Social shearing. But today maximum website’s comment system gives you no follow link and social media sites also give no follow link.

Nofllow Backlinks :

Nofllow backlinks, we do not see much better results in those links. These links do not help to rank our blog. Nofllow does not contain juice from backlinks. But according to Google we should have both dofllow and nofllow backlinks on our blog.These Backlinks also work in your blog but only gives 2%.

How to create backlinks ?

Frainds There is separate way to make backlinks, in this post I tell you all the ways in which you can easily make backlinks for your blog.


Article Submission :

Article submission is a great platform from where we can write article to make dofllow backlinks for your blog. On the Internet, you will find a lot of article submission sites, but you just have to write an article and add your blog’s url to your submitted post You can get good backlinks. Article submission sites are two types dofllow and nofllow both, we only have to choose  those sites who gives us dofollow links.

Blog Commenting :

You can also create backlinks for your blog by commenting in the blog. Whenever you want to comment on a blog, then you check that blog content, rank of that blog, trufic,blog quality, then comment. Good rank site gives you backlinksand heps you to rank up. make a good comment on their site otherwise admin will not approve your comments and may delete your comments.

Web Directories :

You can create backlinks for your blog by submitting your blog in web directories. If you search in the internet, you will find many web web directores sites. Submit your blog to the best ranking site and easily create backlinks for your blog.

Guest Posting :

Guest posting is also a great way to create backlinks and to increase traffic for your blog. Write a related article on any blog you want to post on the blog and contact admin so that you want to post a guest in their blog. If the admin answers yes to your question, then you should send them to your article. The guest post should contain 600 to 700 words, If it is even more then it is even better. Don’t forget to Put your details your website links in that post.

Social Bookmarking :

You can also create backlinks by bookmarking your site on a social site. Add your site to top rank social site and create dofllow backlinks for your blog.

I have given some links of the following websites that you can easily create dofllow backlink from that website. I have told you about the top 10 high ranking website.

  1. Google+
  2. YouTube
  3. Blogger
  4. Reddit
  5. Mozilla
  6. Pinterst
  7. Facebook
  8. Twitter
  9. Amazon
  10. Linkedin

So frainds if you create around 200 backlinks you can see the deference of your website rank on google serch. If any queries or complain related to this post please free to share with us by leaving a comment. Hope you enjoyed our post if so please share this post with your fainds.

?.Happy blogging.?



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