What is a blog?

What is a blog?

If you search in Google and YouTube you can find many results about how to create a blog? and how to maintain a blog? but no one tells you what is a blog actually? what is its purpose to use? why people create blogs? and the original purpose of a blog we will discuss in this article.

A blog is a platform where you can share your knowledge, you can teach people how to do something or give some knowledge about something. Basically, the blog was created for sharing your knowledge. some people used it as their daily diary. Blogging means creating content for your blog.

Why blogging get so popular?

In previous days some people create a blog as a passion some people create blogs to get popular.

Those days the little number of people can do blogging. Because those days it is very tough to set up a blog. Bloggers must have the technical knowledge and it is very costly. In those days the Internet was not spread worldwide. Also, many more reasons to not popular so much.

In today’s life, everyone had a smartphone with an internet connection. Internet service is now available even in the small villages so people are searching for their problems, learn something or to get some knowledge.

Now many companies give an easy platform to create a blog. Form this platform even a school kid can create a blog and earn money. Also, there are some company provides free resources to create a blog. Without having basic technical knowledge now people are creating blogs.

So now the days blogging gets more and more popular. Because of this reason ranking on Google get harder.


Difference between blog and website

The website is a platform that gives people services but in a blog people share their knowledge with the Internet world.

Some websites examples are

amazon.com it is an online marketing website.

godaddy.com a domain hosting service providing the website.

Some blogging sites are

shoutmeloud.com, WPbeginners.com they share knowledge and their experiences in those blogs.

What we can share in our blog
What we can share in our blog

What we can share in a blog

Do a research start writing anything you have knowledge about or learning but it should be correct and ethical. It should not break any law national or International both. you shoruuld write articles without any lack of knowledge don’t share anything you don’t have knowledge. Do proper research before writing an article.

If you want to create a blog for your hobby then you can write anything you want but it should be correct information if your content is good and helpful Google going to rank your blog

If you want to create a blog for money, then you have to very focused on your work. you can follow this article to create a blog. To create money form the blog you have to think differently because it depends on many things.

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