What are Nulled Theme ?

What are Nulled Theme ?

If you are a WordPress user you might herd abut nulled theme. Wait a minute but what are the nulled theme actually? Are they safe for use? In this post, I am going to break down all those things.

WordPress is an open source CMS Licensed under GPLv2. Also, all the themes and plugins available on wordpress.org are free to use. The main problem is here those free themes and plugins are not so good looking and not many fetchers available for the user. Another hand Some developers create some themes and plugins they are so good looking contains lots of fetchers, user-friendly and SEO friendly. To use those types of theme and plugin you have to purchase them.

What are nulled Theme ?

Using Premium theme without paying or purchasing the license key are illegal. Some developers break the coding of these theme and publish them on their site so people can download and use them free of cost. Those type of theme are called nulled theme. Those themes are not available on themes store.

Let’s see the pros and cons of nulled Theme

Almost everything had some pros and cons but in this case, we are talking about something illegal and not from the legal source. Let’s see the pros and cons of nulled theme.


  • Free to use (almost)
  • Lots of features.
  • SEO friendly
  • User-friendly


  • Contains virus.
  • No update.
  • Can hack your site.
  • Stell your and your user data
  • Showing Ads.
  • Can hijack your site.
  • Illegal.
  • Can Down your site SEO.

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My request to you that don’t use those themes because at first, it is not safe for you and your visitors. Secondly, the developer’s works hard to build, develop and give update that theme so give some value to there works. I know those themes are not cheap for new bloggers but you have to pay for only once.



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