Top 10 reasons why we should choose Blogger platform

Top 10 reasons why we should choose Blogger platform

Friends, if you are thinking about blogging, then you might also be thinking about which platform to start it. Which platform wordpress or Blogger, I will tell you that if you want to start your blog on Blogger, then this is a very good thing, there are some points that make it different from wordpress.

What is Blogger / Blogspot?

Blogger is a blogging platform  where you can start your blog, even without spending a single penny. Blogger was launched by pyra labs on 23 august in 1999, but in 2003 Google bought it. And now it is in front of you.

Whenever you want to create your blog on Blogger, you need to have an email on Gmail and you can create your blog on Blogger with the same email. When you create your blog on Blogger, google gives you a subdomain free. As you would like to create a blog with the example name, Google will name your blog If you want you can add your own domain too. And with a Gmail account, you can create 100 blogs.
Now let me tell you 10 reasons why this is quite a popular blogging platform .

1- Free

You can create a free blog on, and for that you do not need to make any kind of payment. All you have to do is follow Google’s term and condition. And you can also give a professional look to your blog using the template.

2- Security

In terms of security, no one can backtrack this platform because it is Google’s product and has to login to Google’s account to go to Blogger’s Dashboard.
The possibility of hacker attacks on this blog is Almost Impossible, and for that you do not even have to worry. Because Google itself has arranged the security of your blog.

3-Data Space

If you talk about space, then you get 15 GB of space for the post. Which is not easy to fill. After this, photos or images are saved separately in the Picasa album. And this is also Google’s product, and quite secure.
If you want to put a video on your blog, you can upload the video to youtube and easily add it to your Blogger blog.

4- Server Up Time / Down time

I never seen The blogger platform going down; this is the platform that gives 99.99% or it is said to be hundred percent uptime. 

But if you do self-hosted blog then the up and down time of the server depends on the price of your hosting.

5- Server Response

All blogs hosted on the Blogger platform are very less the Response Time if you compare it to a self-hosted platform, the blogger platform’s response time will always be less than that.
The response time of the blogger platform is in milliseconds, which is much less than the other hosting.


6- Server Load

When the blog is created in a self-hosted server if 100+ user gets online, then the server is vows down. You do not need to buy expensive web hosting. If you are using the blogger platform then you do not have to worry about online users. No matter how much users can stay online at this platform.

7- SEO Update

There is no separate plugin required for search engine optimization in the Blogger platform, this feature already exists. The choice of meta search description for SEO is inbuild, which you can use to add different search for your blog post.

8- Template Editing and Designing

In the Blogger Platform you can use a professional look template. Many websites on the internet also give free templates to you, you can use them. If you know about coding, then you can design a template for yourself.

9- Earn money from Blogger blog

If your blog is on the blogger platform, you can earn money from that blog using adsense. If you want, you can earn money from this blog even with affiliated marketing.

10 – SEO Attack

Google has always updated it to make it’s search engine search result good. Such as panda update, penguin update etc. Whenever Google has made such updates, 80% of the websites that are hosted on wordpress have been affected. And the blog using the blogger platform has hardly got any effec

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I’ve just told what I found on my blogging experience on blogger platform . And my motive was to tell about the plus points of blogger platform. Because many bloggers say that you just start with the blogger and later migrate to any WordPress blog. But I believe that if you have a quality in content then you  can also succeed on the blogger platform .
I hope you like this post today, I hope this post will help you to take a description. By sharing this post you can help your those friends who are thinking about creating a new blog.



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