Stop Doing this on your bpog !!!!

Hi friends how are you? In this post, I am going to tell you Things NOT To Do When Starting a Blog.
Because if you do this thing you never could be a successful blogger. Today’s post is about Things NOT To Do When Starting a Blog. I realize that all people are saying what to do but no one is saying what Things NOT To Do When Starting a Blog.

Things NOT To Do When Starting a Blog

Choosing a wrong niche

It is very important to choose a correct niche in which you are an expert or know many things and choose and you can write many articles on it.
Do not choose a wrong niche in which you can’t create many articles and your blog will not rank on Google.

For more information about Niches view this article

Choosing a wrong Domain

Choosing a domain is a big challenge because lots of things can depend on it. If you want to create a Brand name on the internet then choose a unique brand name others you can choose a domain name related to your keyword.

I also created a post about what we should look for when buying a domain.

Choosing a hosting

It is very important to choose a correct hosting for your blog. It can help you to grow or a get a massive failure.

Set a weekly backup

Set a weekly backup of your blog. Anyway, if your server’s memory crashed or anything else happened then you can easily restore your work with some easy steps.


Never share your domain/website link

Never share or give you links to your competitor. It is very important when I create my first blog and after my adsenc approval I share my blog address with one YouTuber and after one day I got an email from ads saying your account is deactivated. After some time my blog is starting to decrease its rank. After that, I realized what happens to my blog. So never share your blog with other competitors.

Approving spam comments

Approving spam comment can decrease your blog rank. So if you are using WordPress then use a spam detection tool. If you are using Blogger platform I will so how doing this in an upcoming A-Z blogger tutorial. So stay updated on our blog.

Using Duplicate content

Don’t use duplicate content on your blog it will definitely decrease your page rank and never you can earn a single penny from it. Because People and Google want unique content for them.

Using 3rd party code or themes or plugins

I personally face this issue many 3rd party items contains malware, ads, or try to put their link to your website/blog it is very dangerous for your blog.

Using Nulled Them or plugs

People hack/edit this paid them or plugs with their effort. Do you think they will give you those absolutely free? No, because nothing in this world nothing is free. They put malicious code in those items. And they are same as 3rd party items they can contain malware, ad code, link to their site in worst they can hack your blog.

Putting too many ad codes on the same page

Putting too much code on a single page is not going to increase your revenue but it could increase the accidental clicks. To many accidental clicks on a single page means people who are trying to read your content during scrolling time they accidentally click on ads and after that, they click the back button it will reduce your earning and your ad quality.

Deleting a post after some time of publishing it

If you create a post and after publishing, it takes some hour or some days to index in the google search engine it depends on your blog regularity. If you create a post and after indexing in Google search console you delete that post, it will reduce your blog quality on the google.

Keyword Stuffing

The keyword helps you to rank on Google. When google bot visit on any website they try to find the keywords to know which topic your post is. Using a required amount of keyword on your post can rank it on the first page of google. If you use too many keywords in your post-Google’s crawler will think that you are trying to stuff keyboards and they will stop indexing your post on Google.

Buying Traffic from the cheap advertising site

Everyone wants that more people come to their blog and They can earn more money. Then they think to advertise their blog, but they don’t want to spend too much money on it so they start advertising their blog on cheap advertising network. After starting advertising you can find it will increase your traffic, but not increasing your earning or decreasing your page rank but why? Because much cheap advertising networks use traffic bots to show you traffic increase of your site, but Google can understand that it is a bot and the through you are trying to increase your page rank by cheating them using fake traffic. And many websites will advertise your site on adult sites, it will reduce your site ranked on Google.
So stay away from cheap advertising services.

Using copyrighted material on your blog

Google doesn’t like those blogs or websites who are using copyrighted material. If you are using copyrighted Items like Image, video, movie, sound, songs, etc. on your blog Google never going to index your site on their search engine. If you apply for the advance they never approve and if you have an existing audience account it will be deactivated when google realize that you are using copyrighted material on your blog. There are many web tools are here to find out who is using your content and if you are using copyrighted material on your blog they can definitely find you after that they will contact to your hosting service and they tell them that you are using their copyrighted content. After verifying that your site is really using their content they will permanently terminate your blog from their hosting.
So to stay safe, keep a safe distance from copyrighted materials.

Knowing Coding

If you want to be a blogger then you should familiar with coding. You should have some coding knowledge, in your blogging career you have to face any problem that only could be solved with so simple coding. If you have some coding skills it is easy to fix otherwise you have to face a big problem.

SEO Knowledge

Without SEO knowledge your blog doesn’t rank as well a little bit SEO optimized blog will rank. So do a little bit of research about SEO.

So, in this post, I tell you about some Things NOT To Do When Starting a Blog. If I missed some point please lets me tell in comments sections.



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