Haw to add all required pages for AdSense approval?

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As per google, You must have About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Terms, and conditions pages on your site. But how we can add all required pages for AdSense approval? In this post, we are going to learn all these things.

This post is helpful for both platform Blogger & WordPress. Those pages are also helpful for SEO. Those pages make your blog user-friendly.

I created those pages for you and it is very easy to Publish on your blog. Just download the file below and upload it in your blog. For Contact Us Page creation Follow Those post because it is quite a different Method [Blogger] [WordPress]. Let’s see the required pages for AdSense approval.

To add those required pages for AdSense approval just follow these steps

For WordPress

In WordPress, it is very easy to add these pages to your site. Just follow these steps…

  • Download this File
  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Tools
  • Import
  • Choose WordPress
  • Install Now [If you previously didn’t Install it]
  • Run Importer 
  • Choose File
  • Upload file And Import
  • Assign posts to an existing user.
  • Choose user (-Select-)
  • Submit
  • All done. Have fun!
  • After that edit those pages as per your requirement.

For Blogger

For add, these Pages to your site follow these steps.

  • Download this file.
  • Go to your Blogger dashboard
  • Settings 
  • Other
  • Import content
  • Solve that captcha
  • Import from Computer
  • Upload this file
  • After that edit those pages as per your requirement.

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In Conclusions

Hope I explain all steps correctly if by chance I missed something lets me know in the comment section. If you are having some problems then feel free to ask. If you like this tutorial then like it and feel free to share this with your blogger friends.


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