How to Install WordPress in localhost on Android device

How to Install WordPress in localhost on Android device

How to Install WordPress in localhost with Android.

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to install WordPress in localhost with Android mobile for unlimited time and also free forever. Install your site locally in Android mobile.

In many tutorials, you may find they are telling about apps that are not working or working for a limited time. Like KSWeb that offers only five days limited-time trial after that, they charge you money. In this article, I am going to share how to install WordPress locally forever in Android without spending a penny.

The best thing about this app is it always gets updated it’s PHP version, unlike other apps.

How to install WordPress in localhost in android?

Android is not made to work with localhost but thanks to the developers who help us by creating android apps that make our work easy. Just follow this tutorial.


Don’t miss anything that I told in this tutorial. Doing anything wrong can spoil all your hard work. And use the chrome android browser and tick request desktop version for better results.

Download Apps for localhost

We need two apps to install local hosts. Icode-Web that allows us to install the Apache webserver and MySql database server. And Icode-Go that helps you to run those servers.

Remember those apps do not work without each other. So you have to keep those apps stay installed to run your localhost server. And zarchiver is only for unzip files but I don’t need this because my file manager can unzip a zip file. After using Zarchiver you can uninstall it.

Play Store Links for those apps:

Install and Launch localhost

After installation open Icode-Web and allow all permission they are asking.

Click on install just like the screenshot below. After that, a popup window will appear saying Icode-Go will open simply click on close.

I code web localhost installer

Now after opening Icode-Go allow all permissions. It will take some time to install all server files and detail.

After installation is done a new popup will appear saying “web IDE fill has been now.” now click on close.

A new popup window will tell you the same just click on Close. Now you don’t need anymore Icode-Web but don’t uninstall it. Without it, icode-go will not work.

One Icode-go New popup with thank you will open check the don’t show again box and click on close.

Click on the menu option on the top left corner. Now select the server icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Scroll down and now you can see all the servers, PHP, etc. version there.

Change PHP version I code go

Scroll down to the PHP version. There you can see by default it selected version 5 but the latest version of WordPress doesn’t work with PHP v5. Don’t worry Icode-Go always comes with the latest version of PHP also. Now PHP v7.3.3 is the latest version while I am writing this post.

I code go php verson

To change the PHP version click on ‘Change version, and choose the current version. Press update.

Now click on start server by clicking “Start“.

Start localhost server

Test localhost

There is a simple method to check that your server is working properly or not. After clicking on start open your browser I prefer Chrome and type localhost:8080 in the URL section and press go. If you got the same result as the screenshot below that means it is working. If you have different results you can check the steps again or see the video below the post.

Start localhost server

Create a Database for WordPress

Now all the parts are starting to get very sensitive. So be careful about every step. Make sure your localhost server is running. To check your server is running or not. To chek it look at your mobile notification bar or go to icode-go.

Establishment of database

Open your browser type localhost:10000 for login and establish the MySql database. After typing localhost:10000 you can see this screen below.

Local host My SQL login

Now it in this login form leave as it is just checked that following in the screenshot. Host localhost, User name root, and password empty/blank. Click on submit.

Now a new MySQL database dashboard will open. Now find for “create a new database” and under this section ‘name’ your database. I will name it wp for better remember and click on submit. 

Createing localhost database

To check your database is created or not see the left side you can find a new database named “wp”. After that close that window.

localhost database created

Download WordPress

If you purchase a hosting plan you just have to do some clicks and your WordPress will be installed. To start your locally hosted WordPress site you have to manually download and install WordPress. Get Started with WordPress

To download WordPress go to and download WordPress. It comes in a zip file.

Extract all files

In order to use WordPress you have to extract that zip file you currently downloaded from

Extract wordpress zip in mobile

Using my inbuilt file browser I can easily extract the zip file. If you are having any problem to extract that file you can use the Zarchiver app for Android. 

Place WordPress files

When you place all the files in your localhost there will be thousands of images that will appear in your image gallery. That’s looking annoying to me for that reason I split this step with two types 1.With the Hidden file technique. 2. In a normal way.

1.With hidden file technique.

To work with this technique 

  • Go to file manager->
  • more/setting (depends on your file manager it’s can be anywhere) ->
  • Show hidden files.

Show hidden files

After doing this go to your file explorer and open that folder where you extracted your WordPress zip. Now you can find a folder name WordPress.5.(WordPress current version) open that folder under that folder you can find another folder named WordPress. You have to move that folder following that folder path.


  • MyFiles or Home / Icode-Go / Data_files / www
  • You can find a file under www named index.php delete this file.index.php delete this file
  • Create a new folder name .WPCreate a new folder name .WP
  • pest that WordPress folder here that you previously you have extracted.Move WordPress folder



2. With a normal way

To use this technique goto your file explorer and open that folder where you extracted your WordPress zip. Now you can find a folder name WordPress.5.(WordPress current version) open that folder under that folder you can find another folder named WordPress. You have to move that folder following that folder path.

  • And you can find a file under Home -> Icode-Go -> Data_files -> www named index.php delete this file.index.php delete this file
  • MyFiles or Home -> Icode-Go -> Data_files -> www -> Pest that WordPress folder.Move WordPress folder

Setup WordPress

Now we are going to add a localhost server with Hosting. Check your localhost server is running or not.

Open your internet browser type http://localhost:8080 now you can see a different page at the same address you visited before.

Click on .wp and wordpress.

Now the installation menu will appear.

Select .wp and after that WordPress ((Now WordPress setup will be started) follow me step by step.

Select language and press continueSelect language

Connecting the SQL database with WordPress

Connect the SQL database with WordPress

A new WordPress Database connection setup page will open. Let’s begin our localhost  WordPress setup. Our setup should look like:- 

  • Database name:- wp (as we created our database before)
  • Username:- root
  • Password:- Blank (erase everything in this field)

And leave all things as they are and press submit. 

Connecting the SQL database with WordPress

If you do everything correctly you can find a new page where the WordPress installation will be complete. Click on run the installation.

run the installation.

WordPress Installation

Now fill-up all those fields as you wish to. If you want to create a test site then you can put the same as shown in this tutorial. If you create a plan to make it live letter then choose a secure username and password. Basically, those details are used to login to your WP site and you can change them later from your WordPress dashboard. Let fill those fields.

WordPress Installation

  • Site Title:-  Wp Test Site (your site name)
  • Username:- Wp User (username to log in your WordPress site.)
  • PassWord:- [email protected] ( Password for login your WordPress website ) If it shows week then click on the checkbox:-
  • Confirm the use of a weak password.
  • Email:-  [email protected] ( Your email address)

Now click on Install WordPress.

After that done it will ask you to log in and click on login. Now your WordPress is ready for everything. After it may ask you to login again just put your WP username and password for login to your locally hosted WordPress site.

login again to WordPress

Don’t worry those are only for first time setup after stup just run your server and you are good to go.

It might look like a very hard and time-consuming process but it does not take much time. If you want to test something you can test it in your localhost so your live website will be safe.

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Let’s answer some common questions you might or might not think.

How to visit my localhost site?

  • You can just log in by visiting localhost:8080/WordPress

Or (for image hidden method)

  • localhost:8080/.wp/WordPress

How to login again into my localhost WordPress?

  • You can just log in by visiting localhost:8080/wordpress/wp-admin

Or(for image hidden method)

  • localhost:8080/.wp/WordPress/wp-admin

It is necessary to launch Icode-go every time when I want to visit my locally hosted website?

  • Yes without survey running you can visit your localhost site.

Is it necessary to run Icode-go even when I am not working in localhost?

  • No, you can stop your server when you are not using it. Your file will stay the same as you leave it last time. 

Do I need to root my device to work with localhost?

  • No, you don’t have to root your device. 

Do I have to pay for those apps?

  • No earlier I told it is absolutely free.

Do I need Domain for the localhost?

  • No, you don’t need any domain for the localhost.

What is localhost?

Every website is stored in a computer that runs 24×7 with a running internet connection. When a visitor visits your site they received those files in their browser.

But localhost means all those files are saved on your own PC (in this case in your Mobile) and hen you open your site it loads from your PC/Mobile.

If there were any problems please ask questions in the comment section. If you are having any suggestions please let us know in the comment section.



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