What is Page Rank and How to Increase Page Rank

Friends what is google page rank and how to rank your website or blog in the serch engine all the information we will learn in this post. Ranking a blog or website is google is a big achievement, because all blog or websites pagege does not get page rank . If you have If you do have a website or blog then you also want your site to get a rank on google. So let’s know how a website or blog get rank on google. Before that we should know what is page rank.

What is Google Page Rank ?

In 1995, Google created a program that helped rank website and blog with the help of the website popularity. Now the day it is big fact to get rankd on Google. Ranking in Google is very important for a website, Because when a website get a rank, there is a very good result in the search engine and then you can get lots of visitors from google serch.

Page rank mark started from 1 to 10. If your website gets any rank from 1 to 10 then your blog will not take time to become more popular. If your website is rank then your website is more popular and your website Rank 0 is your website is less popular. 10 is the best rank if your website also gets 6,7 rank, it will also be better.

In order to get a page rank in Google, you have to work hard on your website. After every 3 months, Google reviews all the websites and blogs once. If your website’s popularity is correct according to Google, then your website is also get a rank.

How to Calculate Page Rank

When Google gives a rank to a website, it calculates the links of the website. Which links are calculated, it is written below.

  1. Backlinks
  2. Internal links
  3. External links
  4. Dofollow links
  5. Nofollow links
  6. Inbound links


I giving some basic information on These 6 links so that you can  easyly understand.

  1. Backlinks : Backlinks mean, links to your website from another website are calld Backlinks. We can get backlinks from submitting comment, guest post, articale submission. A detailed information post will coming about backlinks.
  2. Internal links : Internal links means adding links to your any other content inside your content. Example If you are writing a content on a mobile gaming topic, you can add another topics link that already published in you blog.
  3. External links : External links means adding another websites link  to your content. The more you add links of your website, the more you will get the benefits, and the chances of getting your website rank will increase. And Google will give more value in the search engine. .
  4. Dofollow links : The most important is dofollow links. This means that the number of backlinks made in your website should be mostly dofollow. If you make 50 dofollow links on your website, then your site can get the page rank quickly. Therefore, when you want to make backlinks from any site, the site should also dofollow The links of Dofollow site are easily accessible. Dofollow website is should be good quality.
  5. Nofollow links : Basically nofollow links help to stop spam commenting. Links which you attribute to your website, search engine ignore those links. Because of which links do not get any links juice pass. Nofollow also has a backlinks But its value is less than dofollow value in the search engine.
  6. Inbound links : Inbound links are just like backlinks. Whenever you go to any website and add backlinks to your website, the backlinks you create are called inbound links. Example – social bookmarking, directory submission, blog commenting, article submission etc …

So friends I hope you understand that how Google gives a page rank to any website. I hope you enjoyed these posts and also for any information, you can comment in the comment box below.



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