How to earn play credit from Google Opinion App

Today I’m going to introduce a genuine Earning app from Google. This earning app is provided by Google at free of cost. Using this app you can easily earn Play Credit.

But why play Credits? Because we generally used an Android smartphone and we need some applications from Google play store. Maximum of those applications are free of cost, but some applications are not you have to buy them from your bank account. But if you use the Google Opinion App you can easily earn money from it to purchase your needed Android apps.

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Step 1

How to get this app?

Simply visit google play, store and search for google opinion, reward and  Install that app. Or simply click on this link (Install). It is only 2.8 MB app.

earn Play Credit

Or click on Install Botton?

earn Play CreditGoogle Opinion Reward
Google LLC
10m Download




Step 2

After installation Click on Open batten or go back and search this app in your app gallery and open it by clicking on it.

earn Play Credit


Step 3

After opening that app you can see this ? you can read all the instructions by clicking next or if you are not interested to read this click on Skip option.

earn Play Creditearn Play Creditearn Play Credit

earn Play Credit

Step 4

Choose Your Account in which you want to continue then click on the OK button.

earn Play Credit

Step 5

Read all Terms of Service and click on Accept button.

earn Play Credit

Step 6

In this step First, write your full name on Name section,
2. Enter your Zip/Pin/Postal code in the postal code section.
3. Choose your Country in the Dropdown option on the right side of the postal code section and click on the continue option.

earn Play Credit
 Now the day Google only allowed 21 Country’s they are:
  1.  Australia,
  2. Austria,
  3. Belgium,
  4. Brazil,
  5. Canada,
  6. Denmark,
  7. Germany,
  8. India,
  9. Italy,
  10. Japan,
  11. Mexico,
  12. Netherlands,
  13. New Zealand,
  14. Norway,
  15. Singapore,
  16. Spain,
  17. Sweden,
  18. Switzerland,
  19. Turkey,
  20. The United Kingdom.
  21. The United States. 


(This List is according to 13th August 2018 and it can be updated Checkout yourself)

Step 7

Account Setup

   In this section put your details, address then press Continue. Because in this section Screenshot is not allowed so I Am unable to show you its screenshot.

Step 8

In this step, select your age (example: If your age is 18 or 19 or 20 you can select 18-24) And press Continue.

earn Play Credit

Step 9

In this step, select your gender and press Continue.

earn Play Credit

Step 10

In this step Select your language in which you want your Survey Questions and press Continue.

earn Play Credit

How to earn Play Credit?

Step 11

Now your account is ready to complete its first Survey to continue, click anywhere on your mobile screen.

earn Play Credit

Step 12

After that, a new survey will appear. Complete this survey, click on Answer survey or slide down your notifications and click on the trophy icon Notification. You only have 24 hours to complete this survey.

     Don’t worry each survey only takes 10-30 second to complete.

earn Play Credit

Step 13

In the first Survey, they ask 6 questions to answer. Google doesn’t allow to share what type of questions they ask, but I swear one of the quarantine they ask for me. To Complete this survey select answers and click on Next Botton.

earn Play Credit

Step 14

After completing this survey a trophy will appear and show you how much you earned from this survey then click on ok. ( In the first or the demo survey they test your knowledge and don’t give you any balance after someday you will get your original survey after that you can earn money.)

earn Play Credit

Step 15

After that, a new screen appears where you have to turn on location history. That helps you to earn more money by asking questions about recent areas you have visited.

You are now ready for earning play money.

earn Play Credit

How to Check my balance?

You can easily check the balance on this apps home screen.

earn Play Credit

How to Check my earning history?

By clicking 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner, then click on the Reward history option. There you can see how many surveys did you attempt and total balance that you earned from this app and below you can see when you attempt a survey and how much you earned from it.

Setting section:

  • In the settings section, you first can see the Notification sound by clicking on its radio button you can on or off the new Survey Notification sound. Personally, I recommend to turn this on so you can easily notice this survey.
  • In the second you can turn on or off your location history.
  • In the third often you will find your personal information like age, gender, location & Language.


How to delete my Reward’s account?

earn Play Credit

To delete your account from this app first Go to menu, click on settings and click on Delite Opinion Reward account option.


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