How to creat a free Blog on Blogger

Hi, I am Rupak from RawTech, in this post I am going to teach you how to create a free website with mobile. Google gives us a free platform where you can create a free website. Google never charge you a single penny for this service. It is an absolutely free website.

To create a free website you needed:-

  • A mobile/PC,
  • Active Internet connection.
  • A Gmail account.
  • Patience.
  • Time.

Step 1

How to create a free website

To create a free website at first you need a google account (Gmail account).

Free website

Step 2

Go to then search for simply type and visit Blogger.

Step 3

Click on ‘CREATE YOUR BLOG’. Then a new a

Free website

Step 4

Then click on create a new blog. Then create a new blog popup will appear. Then follow the instructions.
In Title section Type your website/Blog name (a.1 in the picture) my website/Blog name is ‘Raw Tech’.

In the Address section(a.2) Type your website link or domine name like I Chooses (because raw checks alreadyadyaken. After typing this if you see a yellow glow Sign saying alralreadyaken that means someone takes this name before you and you notice a blue box with tick mark that means it is available)    after typing your website name like mine ‘raw tech’ you will notice that will appear instead of .com because you choose the free one its calls subdomain. That’s domine name or website URLs


Free website

Completed those stapespeshoose a theme for your site from below and click on ‘create blog!’ (a.4) option. Done your Free website is ready.

In the next post, i, I’lltellsl you how to write a new post on your website. And then I will shear some blog setting, and how to define nine customize your website so it looks attractive etc.



Hi i am a blogger from India. I Love to create and maintain Blog.

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