How to improve google search ranking in 2019

How to improve google search ranking in 2019

Τ When I started my blog at first I am thinking that how much time does a page, post or a blog needs to rank on Google. Then I research a lot to know that but there are no relevant data on the internet. After that, I do research on my own blogs and the results are very shocking. Do you want to know that?

A new user-friendly post from a newly created blog takes 8-15 months to rank. The same post from an old blog can takes 6-14 months to rank on Google. A unique post if it does not have any competitors from an old blog can be ranked within 3 hours to a month. And the same post from a new blog an takes up to 6 Mont to rank well.

If you are finding how many times does need a blog to rank on Google? It depends on many factors.

A newly created bog with low competition keywords and more than 50+ unique post can take 12+ months to rank well. And a newly created blog with 300+ not well written ( +non unique ) posts will be never rank in Google.

Why Google takes so much time to rank our blog?

Because of loyalty. Yes, it is the real reason. Google takes 1 to 2 years to check your loyalty. In this period they send a little number of visitors to your blog then Google monitors those visitors activity. If your visitors are happy with your work/content then they will send more visitors to your blog.

Do you want to leave your home and property alone in an unknown person’s hand without any security? Obviously no, in the same way, Google Check your blog and it’s post’s one by one. If Google was happy with your work they will send the maximum number of visitors to your site.

It is very difficult To stay No.1 search engine. So Google has to know what their visitors are wanting. Without out knowing your blog well Google never going to send traffic on your blog.

How to rank faster on Google?

To Discussing that this post will be very long. I am trying my best to keep it much shorter I can.

There are many things that Google follow to rank a blog and if you know them well and, follow them then you are going to rank no.1 in the search result. But but but !!!! Never ever! ever! try to fool them to rank faster. If you research well you can find that Google always updated their ranking system.

In every update, thousands of websites go down because without obeying the rules they are trying to find the loopholes. Google is not a government property so they can change their rankings methods in any time without any warning.

Think that you create a post with the proper way and after that many people rank upper then you by spamming Google and after some time a new update will appear bam! They will go down for forever and your post will again rank higher.

Let’s see how to rank faster on google :

Your posts should be user-friendly

Your post should be user-friendly. But what that means? That means your post should be well defined. You should use all those heading, images etc. In the appropriate position. The most important thing is you have to give your visitor the proper knowledge they are wanting.

Don’t prefer that thing you don’t know much more about. Do a proper research on that topic before creating a post.

Create a Lengthy post

To rank your post it should be a long user-friendly post with full of useful content. Do not use unnecessary data to make your post bigger. Use only necessary data. If it is possible you can add more related data about your post. Make your post as long as it can be using useful data not more than that. In Google, long posts are rank faster more than short posts. And sometimes a more user-friendly short post can rank higher than a long post.

The proper way to using <H> Tags

Think that if I write this post without any heading it will be so boring and no one going to full post then your blog will go down. Those headings and subheading tell what about your content is. And you have to place them properly. Also, it helps Google bots to read your post properly.

The first <h1> (heading 1) tags should be used only one time. It is the title of your website and tells your visitors in witch concept your post is. Like you are wringing a post “How to Choose a proper diet for stay healthy” it is your title. Under this section, you have to write a brief description of your post. After that use <h2> (heading 2) using this you have to write a subheading.

Like under “How to Choose a proper diet for stay healthy” you can create an h2 tag like “Majic of veritable in your diet” Under this section, you have to write your post. And if you want to go deeper you can use h3 h4 h5 h6 too like under “Majic of veritable in your diet” this h2 heading you have to write something about that after that you can use an h3 tag like “The hidden power of carrots” under this section you can tell your users some benefits of carrots.

After writing about carrots, brinjal, beans etc. you can write them in the h3 tag. After that, if you want to write about Nonveg items you have to use h2 tag for that. Hope you understand what I want to tell you.

Using paragraph break

Your post paragraph should not be long it will bore your visitors. Break all long paragraph into medium parts it will make a good impression of your post. And if it is possible to use subheadings use them to make your post more glossy. If you use a long paragraph it will never go to user-friendly and you make your post very small it is difficult to rank it in Google.


Using images

As per google, you have to use at least one image in your post. I believe everyone has a baby like nature in his/her mind. So we always like to read that picture book like posts. Without any picture, a post is so boring. So try to put at least one related picture in your post. Also, keep in mind too many or big pictures can make your page slow to load.

Don’t forget to add all tags in your image like alt tag, Title tag, description tag, caption tag they will help your image to rank on the search result. That means you can get visitors from image search.

Stay away from copyrighted materials

The copyrighted materials mean video, image, audio, posts etc. using from other websites who didn’t give you any permission for using it. if you use those materials google will decrease your page rank. If you need you can use a stock image from copyright free websites.

Know what your visitors wanting

You should know what your visitors are wanting from you. If you give them what they are wanting then they will come back again. If it possible answer them as soon as possible it will create a bond between you and them. Also, you can get ideas from your visitors for your next post.

Try to load your website faster

Each second takes your web to load it loses more visitors. A log loading website never ranks on google. So use a lite, simple, fast loading, user-friendly team that can help you to rank in the first place of search rest results.

Your post images should be well optimized because big images can decrease your page rank.

Using schema

Use a schema ready them for your blog it will help Google crawlers to better understand your post and blog design. Rely schema is now the day a big factor in ranking on google.

Google assistant
Google voice assistant

Now the day’s everyone is using AI voice assistance like SIRI, GOOGLE, BIXBY etc. they can understand your post via schema and show them to visitors.



Today in raking war the big atom bomb is AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages). Because it is fast to load and Google gives it the main priority in ranking.

The most important factor is if you ever search any terms in voice AI assistance it always saws the AMP version of that post. So that’s the plus point of using AMP.

Using Catchy Titles

Instead of an SEO friendly title use a catchy title. I know It looks like accord but believes me it can help you to rank faster. Now the day’s Google can understand what are you trying to say. So use a catchy title that forces people to read it.

Shearing on Social media

Now the day’s social media websites are very clever they always strongly trying to stick visitors in their site. That means if put your link in any post they are not going to promote (rank) it. There are only three platforms (1) +google, (2) Pinterest & (3) YouTube they really help you to get traffic.


Don’t spend more time on the social network site instead of wearing a new post.

Link building

You will be quite shocked after hearing this. Backlinks never workes as you heard about from many bloggers. But how do backlinks works to rank our blog?

Via commenting on posts does not work as well. Google actually consider backlinking as a black hat SEO today.

Suppose you write a good and user-friendly guest post on a blog. After that, you left a catchy title with must read the related post link that you previously wrote on your blog. That link should be placed at the end of that post.

From that well-ranked website visitors will come on your gest post and after reading that post he must be curious about your post then he will think that it is a post from the same website. For reading that post they click on your post link then you got some new visitors. Your post is good and helpful then Then they can click more post link from your blog.

If you put a Google service like search console, analytics or adsance ad code on your blog this code send data to google what is your visitor doing on your blog. If they find they are enjoying your post google will rank up your blog and it posts.

Personally, I don’t like backlinking. If I create a blog post on my own blog it can bring more traffic to my blog. Some blogger uses this strategy to make more post to their blog. That’s why they allow guest posting on their site. That’s why they force people to create backlinks.Theam

Using a clean them

you should use a clean fast loading premium them. Because heavy thems can slow your website. If you use a light to load them with simple design you can attract more people. Free themes are not working well for ranking.

Well navigate your website

your post should be well navigated so your visitor can easily find what are they wandering. This thing can increase your page views and sessions.

Your menu should be will navigated. And use breadcrumb on your website.


Use a good looking font and your visitor can easily read. Don’t go with over stylist fonts that your visitors can never read out.l  In my view font create a good impression of your blog.

Font Colour

When you want to highlight your text use only eye suitable colors instead of eye catchy font color. It makes your blog more professional looking.

Your links should not look like the same as regular post font.

Don’t be spammy

Don’t try to spam your visitors it can band your blog in search engine. Like you create a post about “how to create a blog” and you used a title how to earn $ 100000 in a day without any hard work”. believe me google never going to rank those posts. Don’t use too many keywords in a single post it is called keyword stuffing it is also one type of spamming. Now the days google consider backlinking as a black hat SEO.

Using adult/unethical content

Don’t use adult/unethical contents on your blog it can permanently down your blog from search engines. Google does not allow unethical content. So it can be dangerous for your blog so stay away from those type of contents.

Website add
Website add


Yes, it is true ads can decrease your rank in search results.
The no 1 reason is please see this image. do you like to visit this website?
If you use too many ads in your post it creates a negative impact on your visitor’s mind. I am not telling you to remove all of your ads from your blog.
Secondly, ads are some codings that take some time to load that means it really impacts on your blog performance. My preference is to use only 3-4 ads on a single page. If you want to rank well I will tell you to use ads after 7-8 months of your blog creations.


When you start a blog then try to avoid those short and high competing keywords. Use Long and low competing keywords. Before writing on many keywords do a research on google. How many posts are ranking on Google on the same keywords, how long their post is, how many images they are using etc. in details.

Try to Use your keyword in required positions like post title, meta description, first para, in h2 & h3 tags. I already created a post on keywords you can check this out by clicking on: What are Keywords. Your applied Keyword should not cross the amount of 4%.

Meta Descriptions

The meta description is text snippet that shows in the search result after your post title. Write a short and good catchy description of your post. If anyone reads this and loves this they definitely going to visit your blog. It really helps you to rank higher.

Direct to Content

Your visitors love to read that answers they are finding nothing else. So after your description do not write a huge junk of paragraph. Directly give that answer that they are wanting. After that, if you can give them a little big detailed knowledge then they are going to be interested in your post.

Internal Linking
Internal Linking


Interlinking is when you add your one post link to another post. Suppose some of your posts go viral and some are not so well. So when you put this nonviral post links into viral post page it can increase your page views, post engagement and google rank.

Domain Name

Use a short and catchy Domin related to your posts that anyone can easily remember. Most importantly always try herd to purchase a .com ltd domain if you do not find a .com domain then you can use similar ltd domains like .cc, .org etc. domain extensions.

Spelling/Grammer mistake

In Google’s blog, they cleared that your post should not contain any spelling and grammar mistake. To avoid those type of mistakes you can use Grammarly extension in chrome and Grammarly app in your smartphone without any charges.

Tips For E-commerce websites

If you are running an online e-store then this tips can be helpful. Do focus on add-on products. If anyone buying anything from your store then asks them to buy another item that other persons are buying together if it is possible to give them combo buy discount.
Like someone came to your shop to purchase a herbal shampoo and he/she was thinking that he/she will buy an herbal oil after some days but not now. Then after that, he will go to purchase that shampoo and he/she saw that your site offering him/her “If you purchase both shampoo and oil together you will get extra10% off. Imidieatly he/she will make her/his mind to purchase those both products.


It is the most important factor in ranking your website. If your server/hosting is slow (Respond time is hi) and it goes down many times then google never rank your blog and anyone going to visit your blog.
You should choose your hosting from famous hosting providers. always recommend Blue host hosting services at the first. To know how to purchase hosting service from Blue host read that post.

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CDN or Content Delivery System is a system that helps your website to load faster. It has a server available all over the world. If you register for CDN they Keep a copy of your website in their database. Think your blog is hosted on a US server and someone visite your blog from Asia then your website takes a long time to load. If you use CDN service then they have ever in your visitors country and it will contain copay of your blog When anyone visits your blog instead of loading from your server it will load from His country CDN providers server. It will help you to increase your page rank.

SSL Certificate

Your website should be on https protocol. SSL certificate shows that your connection is an end to end encrypted so your visitor/customers data is safe. Because customers safety is a no.1 priority to google so google prefer you to use an SSL certificate.



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