How to start a blog and get AdSense approval easily

How to start a blog and get AdSense approval easily

Hi, guys, I have seen many peoples having problems to create a blog and get AdSense approval. To get it easily you have to just follow this:-

But wait What is AdSense?

AdSense is an ad network from Google. Using this user can add ads in their blog or on youtube channel. When anyone clicks on those ads the owner of this site, blog or youtube channel gets some amount of money.

This is for new peoples who want to create their first blog,

How to start a blog and get AdSense approval easily.

  • First, you have to choose the topic in which you can write posts easily and neatly.
  • You have to find a sweet domain for your blog (because in this competition time anytime anyone can grab it)
  • Open your text editor and create 30 unique posts for your blog (Don’t publish it now)[ You can use this rule to rank well in google 30% short length post (120-300 word),40% medium lengthy post (500-1500 words), 30% lengthy post (2000-5000 words) you can follow this ruls]
  • Open your photo editor and create some image for all of your posts and save it on your device.
  • Choose a blogging platform I will recommend at 1st because it is easy to maintain and user-friendly ( If you have enough money to purchase hosting go with ) in 2nd because it is absolutely free.
  • Connect your domain with your hosting.
  • Choose a Fast loading, good looking, ads friendly and user-friendly them/template for your blog.
  • Add a good looking logo on your blog.
  • Ad an SSL certificate on your blog (on blogger they provide free but in WordPress, you have to add it from a different source some hosting company give it free of cost with their hosting plan)
  • Create About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy,  Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions page on your blog.
  • Daily upload 1 article that you previously created. And write more article to publish them later.
  • After successfully uploaded your first 5 posts connect your site with Serch Console ( Google, Bing, Yandex) and with Google analytics.

Do those (?) steps as soon as possible.

  • In the next few days publish your posts regularly.
    ( If you want to save your time then upload them all together and set the publishing time when you want.) [ Regular means it can be daily 1 post or 5,4,3 in a week]
  • After some days if you have enough time in your hand star backlinking for your posts and also for your blog.
  • Having 35-45 Good quality post in your blog and having some visitors daily that means it is the time to apply for AdSense.

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Adon tips

Believe me or not, it is more difficult to get traffic then AdSense. Always remember everyone wanting something new something special. So you have to created article more unique and more user-friendly post to rank in google and gate huge no traffic. Always remember traffic is more important than income. Because if so you don’t get any traffic you can’t earn a single penny from your blog.
Believe me, I got AdSense approval within 3 hours because my site is well maintaining all the rules from AdSense.

Don’t purchase AdSense account from other peoples. Because Anytime Google can ask you to the personal info that you gave previously. Any time they can Disable your account. So be careful.

Before starting a blog do this

Before choosing a topic research on it. Like how difficult it is to rank, monthly search volume, How much CPC it is giving.
Do a Manual search on Google and find out how many sites are ranking on it, their post quality, length, how many images they are using etc. After that create more unique and lengthy post than them and use more images to beat them.

This is my today’s tips. If you think I am forgetting something or told something wrong please tell us in the comment section. If you have any query feel free to ask I will try my best to solve it.



Hi i am a blogger from India. I Love to create and maintain Blog.

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