12 Ways to Boost your WordPress Website Speed

Boost your WordPress Website Speed

WordPress is an open source Content management system used by the majority of websites. Using WordPress anyone can create a Website. There is a huge range of Templates and plugins available using them you can customize Website so easily. But if you want to see your Website on the top search results then you have to boost your WordPress Website Speed.

WordPress Website Speed can make a lot of difference, in your website SEO. Before started you can test your site speed to get a better idea and backup your Website for safety reasons.

While changing a single option check your WordPress Website speed is it increases or decrease. For checking your site speed you can use Google Site Speed insights or pingdom. My suggestion is to use both at the same time just put your Website URL in the search box. While testing the speed test for both site [Home page] and any Single post

12 Ways to Boost your WordPress Website Speed

1 – Choose a Good Hosting Company

It is very important to choose a good hosting company. In maximum case, it is the main reason for slow lodging sites. A poor Hosting company uses old outdated hardware so they could not work properly. You can save your money and purchase a good hosting service like Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, etc. are very reputed site. But for WordPress Website, my first choice will be BlueHost.

2 – Using WP Super Cache

WordPress uses dynamic PHP scripting, it must execute all queries whenever a page is loaded in someone’s browser, and it can slow down your site when your server load is high. But WP Super Cache like Caching plugins Convert that PHP script on your post into HTML files so that these PHP queries do not have to be executed every time someone visits your website. You can Install it directly from your WordPress dashboard > plugins > Install new and search for ‘WP Super Cache’ Install and activate, it. If you want to get a pro version you can use WP Rocket.

Cache are small files saved on users/visitors browser so when your visitors visit your website again it will load from users device and helps your site to fast loaded.

While Configuration your caching plugin ticks one by one and checks your site speed. Some Cache plugins do not work with some Themes.

3 – Clean up your Home Page

By Default WordPress Home page contains Full lengthy last ten post. that significantly decrease your WordPress Website Speed. If your post contains a large number of post-it can decrease your WordPress Website speed dramatically.

Fortunately, you can customize your home page by visiting your WP Dashboard > Settings >Reading.

Some Themes contains built-in page builder using them you can make a beautiful and fast loading home page for your Website or you can use a page builder.

4 – Optimise your Image

Images can take a great amount of bandwidth If you notice images are taking the highest data when your pages are loading. That means using big images can slow down your website more.

I know Reducing Image size can decrease your image quality. In many ways you can handle this issue without reducing your Image quality like you can use any image optimization software in PC, There are Many websites available using them you can reduce your image size without losing its quality or you can use Image optimization plugins like wp smash.

If your hosting services give you a little amount of storage or you

want to store your image anywhere else then you can keep them in a separate free image hosting platform such as Flickr.

5 – Optimise Database

Optimizing your database can significantly increase your website speed. There are may way in which you can do this. You can Optimise your Database manually or you can use a plugin like WP-Optimize.

You can download it by visiting WordPress dashboard and follow through plugins ad new and searching for WP-Optimize

6 – Remove unnecessary Plugins

Generally more installed plugins can slow down your site. So go through your installed plugins and delete all disabled or unnecessary plugins. If the letter you will need them you can Install them again. Don’t use more than twenty plugins in a site. They can make your site slower also they are taking your servers disk space. Also, uninstall the unnecessary Teams. Also, These will help your Dashboard to keep well organized.

7 – Break Your Comment Section

Sometimes some of your pages can be so popular that it can get daily a huge number of the comment. Due to lots of comments our post gets so long and takes more time to load. To avoid this issue you can split your comment section by visiting your WP Dashboard and follow through Settings > Discussion. As shown in below.WordPress Discussion Settings

8 – Update WordPress and It’s plugins

You should update your WordPress, Themes, and plugins when updates are available. Every new update came with security update, some time speed can increase, bug fix, etc. so keep update this files.

9 – Prevent Image Hotlinking

Hotlinking means suppose to some images from your site directly linked to other sites. Whenever any visitor visited that site it consumes your bandwidth so it is not good for your website. To prevent these hotlinking you can add these code in your .htaccess file in your server root directory. Edit the third line and add your website address.

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)example.com/.*$ [NC]

RewriteRule \.(gif|jpg|jpeg|bmp)$ – [F]

10 – Use a CDN Service

CDN means Content Delivery Network. Using CDN can significantly increase your website speed. If you are dealing with too many traffic then you can use CDN Service. All CDN provider has many Server available worldwide What they do they keep your site data saved in everywhere so whenever any visitor visited your Website it sends the data from the nearest server. It does not only increases your website speed it also decreases your server load and saves your bandwidth.

11 – Enable GZIP Compression

GZIP Compression is a very effective way to reduce your website load time. It compressed data before sending to a browser. Many hosting company doses offers GZIP. If your hosting company does not provide this facility you can activate it by using many plugins like W3 Total Cache.

12 – Use Limited Amount of Widgets

Each Widget can take some times to load that means using too many widgets can slow down your WordPress Website.

In this post, we learn some simple way to speed up our WordPress Website. Hope this post helps you too. If you are having any problems you can share your problems in the comments section. If you find it helpful don’t forget to share this in your social network platform. It will help me a lot.  Hope now you can easily boost your WordPress Website Speed.


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