Best blogging platform Review in 2020

Best blogging platform Review in 2020

Best Blogging Platform Review in 2019 : Do you want to start your blog, but how do I understand the best blogging platform? This can be a difficult defeat, because there are so many different blog platform that it is difficult to find out which blog hosting platform are right for you?

In this article, we will help you choose the best blogging platform for your blog.

Today in this article, we will tell you some of the best blogging platform that help you create your own blog.

Choosing the Best Blogging Platform for Your Site

In the early days of blogging, you want best blogging platform that are easy to set up, and no coding skills are required.

As your blog grows, you can change the look of your site and add more features to your growing audience. You should choose blog creation sites, which should then be allowed to do so.

If you choose a wrong blogging platform at the beginning, then switching it later can be very difficult.

Now let’s take a look at some top blogging platform:

10. Weebly

Weebly is a hosted platform that allows you to create a website using the drag and drop tool. There is also a theme in it that you can use to customize your site.


  • Technical skills are not required to use the drag and drop website builder.
  • Weebly will host your site.
  • You can use its free plan before buying it.


  • Limited integration with third party platform
    It is difficult to export your site from Weibley to other blogging platform.
  • Weebly starts with paid plans start $ 8.00 / month, which comes with limited facilities to unlock all the available features, you will have to pay up to $ 49.00 / month.

9. Ghost

Best blogging platform

Ghost is a minimalist blogging platform with limited features focused on writing blog posts. It is available as a hosted platform, and also as a software that you can install and host yourself.


  • It only focuses on blogging and writing.
  • Clean, clutter-free, and intuitive with the user interface inside.
  • It’s coding is in javascript, so it’s super fast.
  • No setup required for hosted version.


  • Customizing the app is not easy.
  • Simple User Interface means that the options are very limited.
  • There are not enough themes to change the look of your site
  • If you install it yourself, then it is complicated.
  • Self-hosted version requires a custom domain (approximately $ 14.99 / year) and web hosting (about $ 7.99 / month).

8. Joomla

Best blogging platform

Joomla is an open source software content management system, such as, it is a self hosted blogging platform, which means that you will need domain name and web hosting to use it.


  • Joomla is a great blog platform that comes with very powerful and flexible, and can be used to create any type of website or blog
  • You can choose from hundreds of templates to customize the design of your site.
  • Extensions are available for adding more features.


  • Joomla community is much smoler than WordPress’s community, so there are fewer themes and addons than WordPress.
  • Support Options Community are limited Paid support is hard to find and it can be expensive.
  • You have to manage your backups, updates and security yourself.
  • Joomla is such a free but you will need the domain (approximately $ 14.99 / year) and hosting (usually $ 7.99 / month) to use it. If you can use Bluehost Web Hosting, then you will get a free domain.

7. Wix

Best blogging platform

Wix is ​​a hosted blogging platform for creating websites, it provides an easy way for small businesses to create a website using drag and drop tools. You can also add a blog to your website by adding the Wix Blog app.



  • You can customize your site using dozens of templates and third party apps
  • With drag and drop tools you can easily create your site, no coding skills are required.


  • Free account is limited and Wix branding and advertisements appear on your site.
  • Free third party apps are limited.
  • You can not change this after choosing a template.
  • Basic Wix website builder is free. You can add a custom domain for $ 4.50 / month. Their premium plan starts from $ 8.50 / month and can be up to $ 24.50 / month.

6. Squarespace

Best blogging platform

Squarespace is a website building service that allows you to create beautiful websites using easy drag and drop tools.

This is for people who are looking for an easy way to create an online buisness.


  • Squarespace is easy to use for new bloggers, who do not know much about technical
  • It has beautiful professional design templates.
  • It separately provides the domain name with SSL / HTTP and eCommerce stores.


  • Personal plan limits you 20 pages, a blog and 2 contributors.
  • It is limited to a few select services and tools.
  • Squarespace comes with a limited features.
  • Its personal plan starts from $ 16 / month if you already pay for the entire year or $ 12 / month. For business plans, pricing starts at $ 26 / month, and is $ 18 / month per year.

5. Medium

Best blogging platform

Medium is a community of writers, bloggers, journalists, and experts, it is an easiest blog platform with limited social networking features.


  • Medium blogging platform is easy to use, no setup is required and no coding skills are required.
  • This allows you to reach an existing online community.
  • Instead of designing a website, you can concentrate on writing only.


  • In terms of design or manufacturing a brand are very limited.
  • Medium is the owner of your audience, so losing your blog means losing all your followers.
  • You can not run your own ads to make money.
    Because Medium is free to use.

4. Tumblr

Best blogging platform

Tumblr is slightly different than other blogging platform. It is a microblogging platform with social networking features, in which the following include other blogs, reblogging, built-in sharing tools and more.


  • Tumblr is free and easy to use.
  • This includes a social media component.


  • Tumblr comes with limited features that can not help you greatly expand your blog.
  • There are many themes available for Tumblr, but they do not offer additional features.
  • It is difficult to back up your Tumblr blog or import it on other platform.
  • Tumblr is free to use You can use a custom domain (bought separately) for your Tumblr blog, and third party themes and apps are also available to buy.

3. Blogger

Best blogging platform

Blogger is a free blogging platform created by Google, providing a fast and easy way to create a blog for non-tech users.


  • This is the best free blogging platform.
  • Easy to use and manage without any technical skills.
  • Blogger offers hosting and Sub domains absulutly free.
  • Because it is a Google product so it’s very secure.
  • You can ad your awn domain.
  • Because blogger is a Google product if you fallo all SEO Ruls your post will rnk more faster than other platform.


  • gives limited to a basic blogging tool, and can not add new features to enhance your blog’s popularity.
  • To enhance your blog design you must have some coding knowledge.
  • Its design options are limited and very few templates are available, and for your blog, third-party bloggers templates are low quality.because they use only html coding.
  • You can not receive continuous updates or new features in Blogger
  • Google may suspend your blog at any time due to invalid activity, or can completely cancel the Blogger service.


Best blogging platform

The is a free blogging platform presented by Automattic, a company created by Cofounder Mate Mullenweg. offers a basic blog hosting service for free. You can buy additional options such as custom domain names, additional storage, and premium services.


  • No setup required
  • Easy to use and manage


  • Limited options to expand your site.
  • You can not place ads on your blog.
  • You are not the owner of your blog and can suspend your account if you violate their Terms of Service.
  • The original account is free, but it will be contain’s own advertising and branding. You can remove logos and ads from your website ($ 2.99 / mo) through your personal plan, and get a custom domain.
  • With $ 8.25 / month you can get additional designs, tools and additional storage.

Due to similarities in names, new bloggers often start with, thinking they are using powerful software. But after seeing its limitations later, users can often switch from to so that their website has more features and controls.


Best blogging platform

World’s best free self hosted blogging platform open source software is

But don’t pick instead of is an open source self hosted blogging platform that allows you to create your own website or blog. This is a self-hosted blogging platform, which means that you will need to install WardPress software in your hosting.


  • gives you control over everything on your website.
  • WordPress is search engine friendly.
  • You can increase your blog by adding additional features like forums, online store, and membership options.
  • There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available for WordPress that help you create a beautiful website.
  • Here you get more than 50,000 free wordpress plugins These plugins are like the app for your WordPress site, which lets you add all the new features.


  • Before Managing your website you have learn a little bit.
  • You have to manage the backup and security yourself.
  • The software is available for free, but you will need to buy a domain name (about $ 14.99 / year) and hosting (usually $ 7.99 / month) the official WordPress org recommended Bluehost web hosting. They offer users 60% off on hosting and a free domain name.

We hope this article helped you to choose the best blogging platform for your next blog. If you like this article, please do not forget to share it on twitter, Google+ and facebook .



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