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Best blogging app for android :  Hello friends, all of you are welcome in our blog today. Today I will give you all the information of the best blogging app for android.

which should be in your mobile which we may ever need. If you are an Android user then plese Read the post.

If you want your work done in Android mobile, you do not need a pc or laptop. If you install all Android apps in your mobile. that I’m going to tell you below and these apps are absolutely free apps l which you will find in the playstore.

friends You can also enjoy your mobile phone as well as for entertainment, like watching videos for l songs and for a lot of things, l understand that if you have an Android mobile then your mobile These apps should be installed in.

Friends,I am able to share some interesting and interesting experiences with my friends, who want to blogging from mobile for a long time, just because I sher this post. Is blogging is possible from mobile, yes there are many apps there that can help you to blogging from mobile.

Those days There are no difference between mobile and PC, The only matter is some of the Website/are not supported mobile view. But there are no problem to view Dextop version in mobile, also i done my website development,Designing from my mobile J2 pro 2016 varient and it is also very cheap one ?.

Yes you can make 99% of your all needed work from your mobile, and I also tell you some of the features of the apps, Think what you can’t do in this days from your little smartphone. Understand yourself how valuable these apps are for you

Best blogging app for android

scanner appTiny scanner ::

Friends, this is a very useful app. For your mobile and for any scanning work, you can scan the document and save it in the format like image, file, pdf. And also, you can scan and store those files in you google Drive, dropbox.

Apart from this, you can also share the document that has been scanned to your Gmail. In extra, you can also keep your document secure by password. I think this app should be in your mobile.

Keyboard appSwiftkey ::

Friends, this is a very good app. If you want to get a good experience in typing on your mobile, then you should keep this app installed in your mobile. Let me tell you that there are 250 million trusted users in the world which is daily Use it in their mobile.

Whenever you type any password in it, it does not save it. But if you add a password to a normal keyboard, then you save it. And if our mobile is lost somewhere or stolen then anyone can backup those password from your device and herm you.

If you talk about security, it is best for me and you will not get any bad script in it, you can blindly trust it and you can also do very fast typing in it than other keyboard.

Office appWPS Office ::

Friends, if we talk about the office app in Android mobile, it comes at no.1 position. This app provides us many facility. Like we can use any file like Pdf, spreedsheet, memo, google docs, can save them in our device.

In addition, this app comes with microsoft word, ms powerpoint, ms excel, all this. You should install this app in your mobile. You can always need them if you already have it in your mobile So it’s a great thing, because it’s a very popular app i prefer this android ms office app.

Friends have more benefits too. You get an option auto here. I mean you can save your document in Google Cloud. All you have to do is connect Google Cloud Drive with this app.

Rss reader appFeedly ::

This is also a great app. This is an app that keeps you updated with every news friend. The blog app, with YouTube channels, has more than 40 million feeds in this app. It tells us all the information and news in one place.

And it is done by RSS feed. Meaning also comes in the list of trusted apps. And this app is very professional to use so that they can keep track of every information about their opponent and do well.

Browser appGoogle chrome::

You have an application made by Google Chrome for you. And it is known only by its name. And this can prove to be a great app for you. This is a very secure web browser.


In it, you can get updates from Playstore and because of being a Google product, it is also a very popular web browser because Google keeps providing information about its updates. It is also very easy to use. Anyway, it comes built-in in most Android mobiles.

 SEO Backlink ::

How much backlinks you have made for your blog’s you can see it in OFFZ SEO so far? It gives information of itself, that is, you can get all this information from this application.

pingdom ::

I think you also know that, it is essential to open our blog super fast. Pingdom helps us to know the speed of our website so we can know its loading speed. It also shows us what makes our blog slow . You can test your blog page speed from this app.

Feedly :: This app should be with all bloggers, the specialty of this app is that you can read each post of your favorite blog with this app.

  • Note– Your only can see your subscribed blog posts .
    Fnd a favorite blog, subscribe one of the blog to get.

YouTube Creator Studio Android ::

If you are an owner of one of the YouTube channel, you can use the Youtube Maker Studio Android app to manage the YouTube channel’s Dashboard. With this app you can comment. Or can check out playlists, analytics, Visitors too.

 Quickdit ::

This is a good application, which can be used for blogging purposes, due to this app, you can edit the template, which can not be given to any mobile browser. You can edit your template html code from your smartphone without computer / laptop.


Managewp:: This App is for whom mange a WordPress blog from his mobile. For the first time, you have the right app, it is recommended that you have regular backup of WordPress blog. In this app youbhave to login to the WordPress admist panel, Then ManageWP added your WordPress blog.

Buffer ::

This ap helps Blogpost users, It is essential to regularly update your blog, for those purpose when ever we creat a new post we star to shear those posts , and you also share those post in multiple social media platform .But, using Buffer App you can shear many social media account togethar. For this reason you can easyly save your time.

 Blogger ::

This App has been designed to Is it possible to manage the 80% of the admin panel? Is it possible to edit your post and make a comment before posting it. You can bold / italicize your post.

 WordPress ::

It is told that WordPress is the king of blogging platform.Using this app you can manage your WordPress blog. Lets see what we can do with WordPress Application ?

I love this app, It contains unlimited features , Not only writing post we can domany things with this app. .

Facebook Page Manager ::

If you are a blogger you should have a Facebook page . Withi this facebook page you can promote you website. Using this you can reply all the questions and information tht you visitors ask you in that page. And lots more features.

 Pic Art ::

It is very helpful app to edit photos fore your website, My friends says it is the photoshop of android, you can create hoto like us and also better you can do. If you are a blogger it is necessary to add atlest one photo but you cant use downloaded photos from other websites so you can create your awn by this app.

 Analytics: :

Using this app you can trak your trafic and you can see how how many people dose visited your website,from which website or wich media, from witch country,and what is your bounce rate? Unique tarfic, and lots more information and i will creat another post for this website.


Guys I’ve tried to tell you about some good Android apps for you all, even if there was an app that you know and should be in this list, you can tell the name of the app in the comment next to me. You’ll also have more information.



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