APK Editor Pro | Edit Apk | Earn Money
Apk editor pro

APK Editor Pro | Edit Apk | Earn Money

Edit the APK on your Android phone! And Earn Money!

APK Editor is a powerful tool that can edit APK files to do many fun things.
This can help us to do something like searching for a string, replace the background image, re-archive the pages or even delete, remove the permission, etc. D. What you can do depends on how you use it. However, to use it well, we need a little professional skill. Do not be afraid, some examples are shown on the help page.
(Note: the release of the manifesto does not depend on the free version)


Apk editor pro

Apk Editor pro.




If you want a small tutorial on how to earn money from others developed app follow this article.

APK Editor PRO Tutorial

At first download Apk editor pro from Upper link.?
Then Download this app for demo quick math from this link.
If you want to earn from this method you should have an AdMob account.
If you don’t have an AdMob account create one. Search google for AdMob and create an account.
If you want to know how to create an AdMob account comment below.
And at last, follow the article.


After download open apk editor pro.
If you want to edit downloaded app click on “Select an apk File”
If you want to edit an apk File which you downloaded from play store or Installed in your device then choose “select apk from the app.

Apk editor pro
In this case, previously I downloaded this app and Installed to check how it works and which type of adding its contents. So I choose “select apk from the app”
Then selected math tricks  (if you want to edit another app select the)
Apk editor pro
Select Full edit.
Apk editor pro
After that
1. Click on the file icon in the bottom center.
2. Click on the search box and search for ca-
    (because all AdMob codes start with ca-)
3. Click on the search icon.
Apk editor pro
In this search results, you can see one or more files appear. Click each of them and change that ad code just like shown below.
Apk editor pro
After clicking the file you can see which line of that file contains ad code that you searched before. Click one of them and that file will open and that ad code will appear in the front of you.
Apk editor pro
In this case, you can see that the first code of this list is the app is, not an ad code, change it with your app id from AdMob. After that, all the codes are ad code. Changes all of them one by one with your ad code from AdMob.(in this math tricks I will recommend that not to change all the code only change first 15 cods because if you change all of Thames this app may not work properly.)
Then click the Save button in the bottom left corner.
Apk editor pro
After saving that file click on the save button in the top right corner as shown below.


Then the serving process will be started.


Apk editor pro
After ending this process if you see a tick mark like ? that means your work is done. Then you can see the path in the middle screen where your modified app was saved.
In the bottom left corner, you can see a remove button to uninstall the original app from your device.
In the bottom middle, you can see an install button to install the moded app in your device.


***Do not click on your own ads from your device (even don’t click using VPN because Google knows everything) it will suspend your account.

If we missed anything or having problems  please let us know in comment section w
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