How to add HTML/JavaScript coding in Blogger


Adding coding in Blogger is not rocket science. It is very easy to add HTML/JAVASCRIPT coding in Blogger. In this Article, I am going to tell you how to add HTML/JAVASCRIPT coding in Blogger Template, Post/Page Widgets.

1 How to add Coding in Blogger Template

  • Go to Blogger dashboard
  • ThemeBlogger theme editor
  • Edit HTML (Your Theam HTML format will be opened now you can add your code where you want.)Edite blogger theme


In most case, we add AdSense, webmaster, search console, analytics type of code in our theme. How we can better do it?

When you need to add some code in your blogs header section then press Control + F in Windows or Command + F in MAC and search for </head>. When you find </head> tag in your theme code then press Enter before </head> tag and put this code <!– My Custom Coding –> before </head> tag. So when you need to pu6t any coding on your head section you can search for </head> and then you can see <!– My Custom Coding –> after that press enter and you can put your code here. So between <!– My Custom Coding –> and </head> tag all codes are custom codes so you can remove or edit them without any tension.

*This method is for those time when you need to put your codes in Head/Header section.

* <!– My Custom Coding –> This code is used for remembering something in HTML coding. This code does not show on the web page that means your visitors cant see your these things.

2 How to add Coding in Blogger without editing Template

  • Go to Blogger dashboard
  • LayoutBlogger layout
  • Add a Gadget
  • HTML/JavaScriptBlogger add html widget
  • Add your Coding in the Content sectionBlogger gadget custom code
  • Save

3 How to Add Custom CSS in Blogger

  • Go to Blogger dashboard
  • Theme
  • Customize
  • Blogger Theam Designer page will be opened
  • Advanced
  • Add CSS
  • Add custom CSS Box will open add
    your CSS code here

4 How to add Coding in Blogger Post/Page

  • Go to Blogger dashboard
  • open your post or page on edit mode or add a new post.Blogger custom code
  • Go to HTML modehtml
  • Now add your code where you want.
  • Then save all changes

If you want to Insert Ad code then the best place for your codes are:-

In article or middle of any paragraph

If you want to put in article add then the best place is after some paragraph find the <br /> code it means to start or end of a paragraph. Open your post in HTML compose mode jut as I showed before and pest your ad code after <br /> code.

In sidebar Ads

If you want to show ads in sidebars you can simply do this. Visit Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add gadget { from sidebar section in your Layout }

If you want to add Google ads then choose AdSense and if you want to use Other Advertising networks then choose HTML/JavaScript. Pest your Ad code in the Content box and click save.

How to add Custom 404! Page for Blogger that will Redirect to The home page.

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Hope this Article can help you. If you think it is helpful then leave a like. Don’t forget to share it. If you find any problems please let us know.

Add Coating in Blogger Theme, Page, Post where you want.


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