About Us

Rawtech.xyz, about usHalo Blogger’s Welcome to RAW Tech, I am Rupak Bhowmik an ITI student from West Bengal, India. Ok That is enough know more ablout me because I am not a famous parson and also This page is about us means this blog and it’s containts. For know more bout see my Facebook profile, Twiter profile. I created this blog to be a self employed person and don’t want to take commands from another person. And I will share my knowledge with all of you.

What we shear there ?

  1. Blogging.       i ) From Blogger.      ii ) From WordPress.   2. SEO.   3. Some necessary coding.   4. Money Making Idea.

What is our speciality? We are always trying our best to provide our visitors Ready products (which are possible) So they can save their time. You know what I am a mobile blogger.

Really ?!!? But What that’s means?

That means I create and maintains this blog with mobile. But why? Because I don’t have enough money to afford a PC. Yes, I had one PC, but I think The First Computer on Earth is faster than it. But is it possible to create a blog with mobile? Yes, it is. In this blog, I am going to tell you how to create a blog with mobile and maintain it. After fully stabilising my blog, I am going to create a Blogger series. After completing that I am going to arrange a giveaway contest which I will give away 3 domain absolutely free 1st .com 2nd .In 3rd .Xyz for that stay connected with us by subscribing and following us on social networks. Any New update or change may be happened, any time, so check this stay updated.